XYO Yellow Paper Discussion


For those daring and technical enough to understand, check out our Yellow Paper and discuss here.

Read the Yellow Paper here --> https://docs.xyo.network/XYO-Yellow-Paper.pdf

And here’s the Medium post that outlines it:

XYO anonymity question
I'll start it off with a real basic question

Can someone expound on this?

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For data of any kind to be reported, a bound witness event has to take place. So if I want to update my reported location (or temperature, or humidity) but no other sentinel is around, I can do so by creating a BW with myself and just report GPS. It provides less confidence in the data of course, but allows for more continuity.

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I apologize for my ignorance concerning the BW. How does one do this with oneself? Thanks!

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From the yellow paper, a BW is a series of signatures between two parties. To self sign, one device acts as both parties. It’s like shaking your own hand. The network needs the BW event to occur for data to be created.