XYO Wallets - How, When, Why?


Hi XYOperts -

I’ve lost around US$100 trying to buy XYO tokens on two different platforms. A friend offered to send me XYO from his XYO in exchange for cash…and some ETH I had in an a 3rd party wallet.

Will we be able to eventually translate our COIN app earned token into a linked network Wallet?

Would there be benefits to this in the grand scheme of things?

Might there be any future possibility of becoming part of the CASH app. I’ve bought BTC there, but it seems like you can only buy and sell it… Not spend it.

Thanks Superbrains!


I just used Atomic wallet and had no problem transferring my XYO to my wallet there. You can also buy Bitcoin at Atomic Wallet and transfer it into other currencies like Ethereum. You just can’t do that with XYO at Atomic Wallet yet, but you can definitely have XYO in your wallet and exchange it to other wallets.


Try KuCoin, it can xfer to a PayPal account from what I understand. For now; I’m just accummulatting


Try being down $2K, it’s exciting!! :thinking::sob::sweat_smile:


@XYOhMy what do you mean you’ve lost money? Like you’ve purchased XYO and sent it somewhere it didn’t show up?

I’ve been using KuCoin and been happy enough with it. I’ve sent to my MetaMask wallet (and then on to my nano s) and my ledger nano s directly on several occasions. No issues.


future exchanges we’re looking at listing on will have XYO/USD and XYO/EUR pairings. that will make things a lot easier. for now, the struggle is real! but don’t give up! :smiley:


No; I bought XYO through KuCoin on the open market after the fact.

It reminds me of trading otcbbb/pink sheet stocks or horse racing, pick a trifecta; you’ll lose Everytime!

I think my next ex wife is stalking me @Mamahunnybee. :sob::sweat_smile:

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Thank you all! Growing up in an analog world, I was considered a smart kid. Now I have way more compassion for those students who struggled in the classroom. Comprehension level here feels a little vulnerable, but fortune favors the brave. Grateful to sit in the back of this classroom.


I’m still working to resolve the issue. It was on Yobit.net. I purchased ETH on Coinbase, and then tried to send it to Yobit so I could convert to XYO - and - poof! Buh-bye money. I was very careful to copy and paste the keys, but something went wrong. I took a screenshot of the Wallet where my money went from Coinbase, but Yobit shows no record.

I’ve asked asked Yobit for help to no avail.


Thank you. I’ll investigate.

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I’m new to my nano s. Didn’t see xyo I the list. Can u send using ether app nano s


@XYOhMy bummer… a quick google on Yobit suggests that exchange is sketchy, and other have issues sending directly from an exchange to Yobit. I don’t know how accurate that is, but I’d chalk it up to an “education expense” and move on.

A general rule of thumb is to ALWAYS send a small amount of cypto to a new address to verify it goes through. I did this pretty meticulously when I was getting started (even at the expense of a couple pennies of gas).

And regarding Yobit support, like any crypto, there is a lot of scams out there. If you get “support” asking you to send more of some crypto to an address to “fix” the problem, ignore it. Seems some of the people out there started dealing with scammer support thinking it was official Yobit.

Good luck.


@Geooz Yes, as an ERC-20 token, XYO piggybacks on your ETH address. Your nano has a ton of ETH addresses so you could use a different one for each token, but I prefer to use the same for both for now.

I use MetaMask to view my ETH/XYO balance from my nano. Once you connect your nano and view the XYO on it, you don’t need to connect your wallet again until you want to withdraw XYO from it, the balance will update in real time on MM when more gets deposited (like from COIN transactions). You could also just use etherscan to view your wallet transactions also but I like MM.

Remember, the nano isn’t really where your crypto is stored, that is just sort of like a “key” you need to unlock your cypto to transact with. That was a hard concept for me to grasp at first and explains why if the nano is pulverized by a steamroller your cyrpto is safe and you just need to restore your seed phrase to a new nano or even another device/system that supports that particular recovery standard.

As always suggested, send a SMALL amount of XYO to your nano ETH address if you can the first time to test… an exchange like KuCoin charges some XYO to do that, so you may be tempted to skip, but do the math and see what the charge is in USD (or your local currency) and decide if spending 50 cents or whatever is worth the peace of mind!


@_ryan @Geooz @XYOhMy

I use a Ledger Nano S cold wallet, and so far with their Ledger Live app component It has been pretty easy to transfer. I recommend it, but you also you must always look at what cryptos you are transferring, almost all ERC20 are compatible with it, as are most of the main headliner Cryptos.

@_ryan excellent point, and post, for everyone to follow as for safety, always make small moves of your crypto first, and double and triple check your addresses. I find that copy and paste can cause issues, sometimes the way a webpage is created/coded/presented, your not always sure if what your copying is a plain text, a hyperlink, an embedded artifact, a graphic, or it may have unseen spaces or characters in front of or at the end of the address. I have seen this happen on lots of things not just wallet addresses. My recommendation is to type it out and then review it multiple times, if you copy and paste and review, you may not see invisible character or space or underscores that will blend in at the end or start of the address.

Since we are talking about security and wallets, this is something I do for keeping keys secure digitally my own little process that only I know. Now we all know never to just send people out your private keys/addresses unless you are sure of what you are doing or who your are dealing with. But they are a pain in the ass to keep track of when you start having multiple exchange accounts, multiple hot wallets, and posting keys like on steemit or steem network keys. Try to setup a process or control system where you put your keys, regardless if it is a notebook in a safe that only you access, or a digital safe like Lastpass’s section for keys that has triple authentication to access.

@XYOhMy I’m sorry to hear about your loss of your assets by sending them from one place to another. Transferring crypto can be super nerve racking especially trying a new exchange or wallet. Did you look into seeing maybe if that money was still floating in the exchanges active area and not the actual exchange hot wallet. Also some exchanges can be super confusing when it comes to deposit withdrawal areas, I know IDEX exchange has confused a couple of my buddies moving crypto around and I’m not familiar with Yobit, I will have to take a look at them. So yes, from now on, just send tiny bits like ryan said, its worth the time and maybe tiny fee for an additional transaction.

I hope everyone had a great holiday weekend! And if you have any questions, please ask away!
To the Moon XYO!!!

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ASCII is a mofo!


@KaptKos Exactly! lol

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I agree; copy and paste into a word editer and make sure there’s no BS ASCII characters in that text.

EDI is not what it use to be. We had standards; now adays, they are free loafing on the whim.

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Thank you. I found a workaround. I may ditch the Yobit account. It was recommended to me by an engineer at work who seems to really be into crypto. He seems to have a lot of holdings, and he really likes it, but it hasn’t worked for me.

He was, however, nice enough to let me send him some ETH and cash in exchange for buying the XYO for me and transfering to my secure wallet.

You guys of all been so helpful. I’m grateful.


The learning curve here is steep. These are all new terms for me. Me getting rich on crypto would be like Seabiscuit winning a race. Longshot, but hey it’s possible. And don’t longshots always make the best stories?

More googling today. :slight_smile:



You can Google me anytime Hun :joy::thinking::rofl: