XYO to provide location data for nanobots to unclog arteries and perform other micro-surgeries

The idea of Use Case is to explain potential to utilize XYO to provide relative and absolute location data for nanobots to clear clogged arteries, and many other types of micro-surgery that will come in the future. Just as self driving cars and self flying drones and planes will rely on unimpeachable location data to function, so will the nanobots of the future.


A pizza person who shall remain nameless asked how XYO might be used to help nanobots, and the Ipshop feels nanobot tech still needs to be smaller in many ways for some of the ideas stated to be posaible. However, best to my knowledge, when XYO aquired LayerOne, they also aquired the ability to be precise with location to within a Nanometer, or something very close. XYO could be used to deliver location specific medication, or inject an army of nanobots made of a specific protein, amino acid, whathave you, and since they know the relative location to one another, they could go to a specific place and be deployed, in a latice or grid type structure, framework like Eiffel tower if you will. A framwork to then allow organ, bone, skin, muscle, even nerve to be grown. But XYO could provide the extrememe precise location data, with very, very low overhead from a data standpoimt, since it is made for IoT devices to use.


The real issue at the nano tech level is that they don’t really run an “os” so to speak, each unit is a purpose built integrated machine.

Keep the ideas coming I love seeing the input!

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Hi Graham, I know we are not there yet with nanobots, but we are not too far out either. Below is a good article that gives an idea of the current level of nanobot tech:

Why not scale up a bit and use it for water pipe/sewer drain maintenance bots? Obviously there’s be some effort to figure out the tracking from underground problem but municipalities all over the country have issues with water pipes bursting, identifying clogs, determining if pipes are still lead and where those pipes are, and if cracks are developing in pipes.