XYO Status Board

With so much happening with so many parts of XYO, I am suggesting that XY implement a status board to keep the community apprised of the status of various components. Since dapps such as Coin are updated for iOS at one time and android at another, it would be nice to have one place to look and see what has been updated.

Below is a draft of what the status board could look like. If someone could provide the iOS info, I will add that and make a nicer version. Ultimately the board could be coded into html along the lines of the XYO products page.

Looking for comments and suggestions about this concept.



That would be an extremely useful thing for them to implement. And even add updates on what is down, known glitches and fixes etc.

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Great idea…would also save time for communications staff to communicate the Community.

This would be perfect!

I was going to say this then seen your comment lol.

Be careful, people get banned and blocked for making such inflammatory suggestions!! The issue with providing any level of technical support beyond the free support they get from volunteers, the XYO owners have a very very very large payroll to meet, even after the layoffs, because of their own immense salaries. What you are suggesting costs money that isn’t for designer gear and lavish lifestyles for the fabulous geniuses who own XYO, so not very likely to happen. People who pay themselves for doing nothing out of the income provided by sincere trusting investors don’t care about their investors. Nothing will happen at XYO Network that needs funding until the “founders” are fed. That’s called The Recipe for Disaster.

With so much happening: Coin Plus, share sentinels, Coin Pro on the horizon, etc., it seemed like the time to update the status board concept. I took some of the suggestions from the earlier posters and generated a second version.

XYO is excellent at keeping people busy, I’ll give them credit for that. I have wasted more hours on this nonsense than I like to think about. I’m going to start my own business called “Wheel Spinning”. I feel as though I’ve hit the major vein of people who have a lot of time and money to waste on empty promises and pretty stories. Like striking gold!!!

If a link to the most recent version is also on there, that would become a bookmarked page that would not only have value to find out what the latest version and how long it has been plus easy to spot an update.

Linking into XYO’s backend systems would allow users to see via a colour change of the title if there are currently problems and view an error log or a way to report issues.

I can also see that it could be a popular page for scrapers to use to grab the essential information for other sites/apps. Which would further provide validation and support to the continued operation of the page, Potentially most of this information could potentially be scraped from existing XYO information to save loads of time and effort.

Great work with the concept, I believe it has lots of merit.

This type of info would be great, and not just for newbies. I hear comments of people frustrated and confused looking for info, others just give up. XYO needs more good publicity from satisfied people, and less complaints showing up on social media, this would be an excellent start.

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How would a person be satisfied? There isn’t one expectation they created that they haven’t reneged on. The only “satisfied” customers are the ones who aren’t yet clued into the truth of what is going on. Satisfaction would look like some kind of return on investment or valid hopes of one, based on ongoing development and SALES of the alleged NETWORK services. But there is no Network and evidently, no work on any network or plans for future work. They need to rename themselves again. First the were Findables, then they were a “network”, now they are just a silly game. XYOChangeables? XYOFantasyCoinGame?

What I was getting at was that if, and I do mean If, all the information was out there, people could make informed decisions.

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