XYO sentinel mailbox placement idea

I am seeking feedback on XYO Sentinel placement. My first Idea is to place them on the Mailbox. Please let me know what you think.

YouTube - XYO sentinel mailbox placement

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@Miscjames Would this mailbox be within BT range of your bridge or one of your devices. Or do you have a GPS XY Sentinel? I would say at this point focus on putting your Sentinels where you and others with the COIN app can increase their mining. Until the Bound Witness portion of the XYO Network app is fully up and running, its not going to be doing much out there. However, once it does start, and Bound Witness interactions happen, I think its a great Idea!

ReconCatLord :telescope::cat2::crown:

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Place them about 50 yards from each other like i have done along my fence so they can relay back to your bridge

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Thank you for the reply. No it will not be in range of my bridge. However I will be able to check it with me phone when i check the mail.

Bluetooth has a range of about the length of a football field. If you place a sentinel within that distance, they should relay info with each other. (Theoretically)

I’ve placed four along my fence and MOST of the time, COIN and Finder picks them up. The old Network picks them up but I don’t know if the new Network app does
XYO needs to get the new Network app updated SOON

I still haven’t received email to confirm where to send me my new smart card. As someone else stated, they should simply put it online as a download.

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Check out the followup video to the mailbox placement Idea.