Xyo network app on android

Can you install it on 2 different phones with same account? I know not the case for COIN due to spoofing so i am just wondering about the XYO network app. Just want to see if i can run COIN in my regular phone and XYO on the spare to act as a bridge.

You can only use your COIN registered account on one device, but you can use your XYO network app on as many devices as you like. If you want to run COIN on several devices they have to have separate registrations, but you can deposit the COIN into the same wallet. (allegedly. I hear of people losing all their COIN when trying to make a transfer. That’s another screwed up mess with this project.

Look at me, providing tech support, and I’m the biggest critic of this project. Good thing they didn’t ban me from this group too, or no one would have answered your question. Good luck, I can’t say that I have high hopes for you receiving any return on your investment, but go for it, I guess. Just don’t send XYO any more money for ANYTHING. They are in a panic to raise funds right now, but they need to get that panic to work on the network so they have an actual product.


Thank you Katie! I definitely have very reserved expectations and very little invested in this (S&H for the one sentinel and downloading the COIN app) as I know this is a brand new concept. I am doing it more because I like the community and looking at XYO from the perspective of not as an investments but as a nerdy game/concept.

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First, as a response to the previous posts, it is possible to run Coin on multiple devices while logged in with the same account. For example, I have an old Samsung S5 running coin 24/7 in my home, I have my current Samsung S8+ running coin when I’m moving (driving, walking, running, etc.), and I have my wife using her iPhone 6 running coin when ever she remembers to turn it on. All three devices are logged in with the same account, collecting coins into the same account.

Second, I have a couple of suggestions for the XYO Devs for the current Android XYO Network App (v1.0.19).

  1. I’d like to see an update to align with app functionality with iOS XYO Network app with respect to the following:
    1a) Add auto update feature home page/dashboard as bound witnesses/transactions are made. It’s annoying to have to press the bound witness button at the bottom and press the home page/dashboard button again to see updated information. I know this is a current feature in the iOS app as I’ve seen it work on my wife’s iPhone.
    1b) Need to do something about the slow collection/offload rate of the Android app. My “Cryptographic Bound Witness” numbers increase at just about the same pace as my “Bound Witnesses on Device” numbers.
    1c) Need to do something about app not running in the background. I know on iOS app, it shows in banner that the app is still running,. Android app doesn’t appear to do anything if you switch to another app as no numbers change when the XYO network app is re-opened.

  2. I’ve seen some of the information before about the polls taken for new features people want to see. I agree with them all, including:
    2a) Display battery status for each sentinel
    2b) Display firmware version for each sentinel
    2c) Customization of sentinel audible noises to differentiate between them if multiple are near each other

XYO staff always said it was “technically” possible to run multiple COIN apps on the same account. They also recommended against it as you account may be flagged and closed for position spoofing. So you do so at your own risk.

I haven’t heard of anyone who got shut down this way and they are publicizing accounts that could really only have earned what they did by doing this, So (shrug).

My #1 suggestion would be to push a fixed for the people who got locked out of their sentinel by the password glitch.

Well, given the recent updates and the refocusing of XYO to put COIN at the forefront (which I am sure may bring more updates and glitches), I personally think it is best to wait until they work some of the kinks out before tempting fate and using more than one phone. Understanding that it has worked for others, I am still early in the game that I don’t mind waiting a little longer. My handle is lucky13, which means that with my luck, I am the one that will get blocked for spoofing and then can’t reach customer service to get a reset! Thank you for the advice though.

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Update to my previous post:

I contacted XYO and they did confirm that it is highly recommended to not do what I explained in my original post as it could trigger flags for spoofing. So you all were right. My mistake. Luckily that didn’t happen before I got everything switched over to separate e-mails.

I have the XYO Network app and the COIN app installed on both my cell phone and my tablet. It creates another Bound Witness on your account, and you can mine tokens from both simultaneously. It’s not spoofing if each respective device is actually in the location that it claims to be. It also helps to bring in a little extra coin while I’m waiting for my kit to be delivered. I’m out in the middle of nowhere and I haven’t ran into anyone that mines, even once yet.

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XYO staff have said otherwise. And when I did it I got a anti-spoofing pop up warning. I was running COIN in a phone and iPad. Neither was reporting anything other than where they really were.

Why some people get away with it, and others don’t, is a mystery.

I don’t know. Might you have ever “jailbroke” your devices? It might also have something to do with a VPN.

I’m absolutely new to this. Maybe since the app has started allowing people to mine, multiple devices have been allowed, because if your bridge mines and they began allowing mining in the app, it only seems logical that mining on multiple devices is a possibility without ordering another whole kit, which I know for sure is against policy. It was stated in material that I read before placing my order, which hasn’t been delivered yet.

Try opening the XYO Network app with both devices before opening COIN, so that your account shows a difference between 2 devices mining, rather than an account in general mining twice.

But they have issued specific official comments that they strong recommend it not be done and it may lead to account closure. On the reddit and by email to people on this forum. So while some people have not trouble doing it, it is at your own risk.

The reason seems to be that COIN app assumes one account is one use in one position, leading to rapid recorded changes in position, that can trigger the spoofing flag. Which is what happened to me. But other users experience no such problem.

And my devices were two standard, unaltered late model apple devices.

Well, thank you for your input. I appreciate your effort. However, I have not received any official notification of such a thing. One of the very first things that I learned in college was that Wikipedia says a lot of things that, while they might be helpful, Wikipedia is not a reputable source, because anyone can create an account and edit information. I apologize if this seems negligent or ignorant. It’s the way I was programmed to function. I’m not the most intelligent person in the world, but I received 18 honors and a Bachelor Degree. I know how to follow directions from a reputable source.

The official XYO account said it on the official XYO Reddit


Can I use the same account on multiple devices?!

This is technically possible, but we don’t recommend it because it can make it look like you are spoofing location and that can result in your account being suspended. Use separate accounts on each device and when you want to withdraw you can request the XYO goes to the same wallet address.


I don’t know how it gets any more reputable than that.

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Thanks, buddy. Have a great day!

I received the same warning when i reinstalled back on my phone.

I tried running XYO in the background and the warning didn’t come back FWIW.

I have not heard of anyone actually getting shut down for spoofing, but only a tiny percentage of users seem to be talking online.