XYO Network app: iOS vs web app, and staking

Hello team! :wave: Maybe someone can shed some light on the current status of the XYO Network app, on iOS and as web app.

I understand the iOS app works like a bridge, and my phone is therefore registered as a bridge in the XYO app, and I connected my sentinelX. Together they made about 4K bound witnesses. But when I log in to my account on the web app version on my MacBook (app.xyo.network) I do see my connected devices, but the cryptographic bound witnesses are 0.

Shouldn’t the web app and iOS app be the same, showing the same information when logged into your account?

I also see the web app has more functions then the iOS app. Like ‘staking’ and ‘KYC’. But they don’t seem to work at the moment.

Same for staking the Network on the Matrix, you can stake the Network, but your staked tokens will not show up anywhere… there’s no proof (except for the etherscan transaction) that you have actually staked your tokens -Nor have the ‘rewards’ on the stake been set yet- the only thing you know for sure is that your tokens have transferred out of your wallet.

So my question is, when will the XYO platform and apps be ready to be used?

And shouldn’t we make functions in XYO website / platform only public viewable or accessible when they are ready and operational?

Don’t get me wrong, I love XYO, the tech and its community, and understand its still being build. But a disfunctional website is not good for business… just saying.

Hope to view anyone else their opinion, and hopefully the XYO team can shed some light on this!

Keep up the great work team!!!
You’re awesome :heart: Thank you

You are correct.
The Network app and web interface haven’t been updated in over a month as the current focus is on coin app so just forget about bound witnesses and bridges for now.

As regards staking, I also agree with you. Staking is betting on the performance of a node on the network.

There is no current commercially viable network and therefore nobody is using any of the nodes for the performance of those nodes to be rewarded so staking shouldn’t be allowed.

It’s like letting you bet on a horse race when there is no racetrack opening anytime soon and no riders available either.


They are banking on raw ignorance of what they are up to. I am really wondering if any of this is even legal. If it’s legal to sell things that don’t exist for immense amounts of money on the basis that they will exist some day in the future, even though no one is even working on developing the services in question, we should all be rich. Except that most people don’t have the reptilic disdain for our fellow humans as those XYO dudes exhibit.

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I understand Coin app is doing great, and the company focuses on the app, I think it’s good, but please don’t forget the Network itself… like mindarie says, at this moment there is no current commercially viable network. This is a real problem for XYO. And should be their main concern and focus.

@scott @arietrouw or any other XYO team member - Care to share any comments? …and I still would like to get some feedback on my initial post beginning this thread. Thank you :pray:

Take heart, I just heard that the Network is working, but it’s not ready yet, but it will be ready soon.

Great news for newbies, but the same old hype the rest of us have been hearing since day one. They need to keep the enthusiasm levels going to keep the cash flowing. Office parties ain’t cheap, and those important owners need to look sharp and trendy. (or maybe just a little bit less sharp and trendy, because you can’t buy coolness when you’re stuck inside of Nerdville with a bad case of the Soulless Blues.)

Please read initial post beginning this thread. But it comes down to this question:

A dysfunctional website is an indication of a dysfunctional organization. Everything about XYO is dysfunctional, including this page, which seems to have originally been for customer interaction and support, but now has been abandoned to the wolves, even as XYO is frantically recruiting new “investors” to use their alleged “network” with their hinky equipment that is endlessly problematic.

What XYO tech is it that you are in love with? Have you ever ordered an extremely expensive cake from a bakery, based on the pic they posted, and arrived to be handed a bag of wet mush and told that it’s the cake, but you have to take it home and bake it, but when you do, it comes out flat and tasteless, and when you complain, you are told that you were supposed to have read the instructions on one of the numerous website links you can find if you look real hard, where some nice people volunteer to help with instructions, so then all you have to do is figure out which one has the correct instructions, since they all have different instructions, and it’s your problem the cake isn’t good, because the cake that they will be baking from the wet mush someday themselves is really gorgeous and delicious, and will even feed the millions, just like Jesus’ loaves and fishes.
Just curious.