XYO Mining Workshop - March 9th and 10th

Hey! I’ve gotten so many questions from excited community members, I decided to put something together to help everyone who is serious about building their own mining rigs.

March 2019 will be the first mining rig workshop, where I will teach you how to build your own liquid cooled Archivist/Diviner and configure the whole mining Ecosystem with Sentinels and Bridge too.

Space is very limited (only ten tickets) so I can provide lots of one-on-one time. The class is designed for complete newbies. If you can use a screwdriver, you can succeed in this class. For more experienced builders, you will still learn a lot and have fun. For those who cannot make it to San Diego, I will be filming and compiling a video series as well, which is a lot more cost-effective.

Book your tickets here!


Really need the videos! Thanks!

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Sick with it. Is that the vm you r working on?

Pizzamind. So glad your going to make a video available. I’m in UK so couldn’t get there. Roll on March.

Looking forward to the videos.

Some big updates on the workshop! There are still a couple spots left. Come hang out and become the authority in your area on this emerging technology.

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about how much should I expect to spend on hardware for this system?

The hardware is all included in the workshop cost. If you’re looking at the video package, there will be lists lists for $2000 and $4000 builds.

I was referring to the hardware to build the archivist

ahh, I think I understand now,
The video is how much?

ok, I found the video price and understand what’s going on. Thanks

It’s March 14th, where’s the videos?

The workshop has been postponed. I could make a tutorial video on the rig building just by myself…

What are your thoughts? Does that take away from the value of the information, and the experience of feeling like you’re there? Or is it plenty good enough just to learn the building process.

Should be good. I’m an IT guy

One thing I haven’t seen discussed/described (perhaps I just haven’t found it) is minimum/recommended specifications for the diviner and archivist. Obviously the bridge can be as small and power light as a pi, but what would be expected of the other two in a production environment?

I’ve started building a diviner and archivist following the tutorial/sample exercises over on the dev site, but that’s only in a VM to work through the procedure. Not sure I have the capacity to run one or both of the others.

Now that I’m working full time for xyo, I’ll be testing different deployments to determine those requirements. I think it will be low at first, with increasing demands as more geodapps are built and become commonly used.

More on this towards the end of the month…


So I’ve successfully installed the Archivist on an Intel NUC. It seems to run just fine. A diviner will probably want a little more, but it does work. The design was to allow as many devices to participate as possible. Happy mining!


@pizzamind Wooohoo, those Intel NUCs are awesome, super powerful and portable, thinks thats gonna be my next purchase as a portable PenTest platform! Nice Job!

ReconCatLord :telescope::cat2::crown:

I finally got a clean compiled DLL for Windows 10 but it won’t commutticate with XYO database

I experienced the same thing awhile ago when I tried. I am not sure if it is the command syntax or if there is some kind of different protocol heading that is making it incompatible. in theory, I thought it might work! ah well, I guess I have to let the real devs solve it.