XYO Mining Kit (picture)


Ladies and gentlemen I present the XYO Mining kit


how do I get one? and how do they work?

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Hey there! check out the following link: https://app.xyo.network/squeeze-page19341286

Mining Kits are not being released til the end of third quarter!


This comes with the purchase of xy equity if I’m not mistaken?


It doesn’t come with rather it is offered for purchase at the time of purchase of equity.


Hello! I’m still not clear on how the Sentinels would actually be used if I purchased a mining kit. Would I carry one in my vehicle as I drive around doing activities? Or must they remain stationary? Is there actually a use, and incentives able to be received, today? Or are we waiting for a real eCommerce vendor to sign up with XYO and then we’d be able to mine XYO tokens as those packages are shipped around?

Basically, just wondering what I would actually do with the Sentinels today if I did purchase a mining kit.

I read the white paper, but that doesn’t really talk about how to implement/use them in practice today. I have bought tokens and equity, so am on board with what we’re doing here - just a bit confused on this part.

Thank you!


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the mining kits will be queried by the mainnet and thus bring in some revenue that way. If you say took your sentinel out on a drive it would function to connect with any other sentinels it encountered on the drive. If you also brought your phone it may bridge and do bound witnesses with your phone. They aren’t intended to stay stationary, but they must stay within range of other sentinels add blocks to their origin chain.

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Great - thank you. But can you clarify “within range” of other sentinels?

Thanks again!



Bluetooth range, for the most part.


The way its promoted it looks like it comes with it. That is some bait and switch if not. How much does it cost?


Ok thanks Erik! Can you clarify which Bluetooth we’re using? Some has a max of like 100 meters, and some may go up to around 1,000 - is that right?

Thanks again!



It depends on the device you are using as a sentinel. Many devices can have different bluetooth ranges. To perform a bound witness, they both must be able to communicate with each other, so they must be within range of the one with a lower range.

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Great - thanks! If I bought a mining kit that has the XYO sentinels, what is their range? And is there a sentinel app for my phone?

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The XY4+ has a range up to 300ft in what I’d call laboratory conditions. If you have a direct line of sight in normal conditions It is likely closer to 100ft.


That range is a bit disappointing. As I live out in the sticks unlikely to make contact with anything. May be of limited use just going on holidays journey etc Are the sentinels likely to cause any problems passing through airport security?

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See, I do feel the same. Especially where I am as well. All I can imagine is me with 25 Sentinels or however many I will have, and my sentinels not passing or “speaking” to anything else but my sentinels. I was thinking of just latching them all onto my friends long-haul transport trucks and hope for the best!
That way, the chances are very very good they would communicate with something or mine if you will. There is also a very good chance that I do not understand all of this enough to ask the question as well…

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I’m with you, Geobow and Sixthinsight - I was hoping to help things along but I don’t know how that can work if it’s a 100-foot line of sight thing.

Thank you Erik and Nate, though, for helping to clarify.



Do all stock packages come with the gold silver sentenial?


I agree with you Sixthinsight! Need to know how these sentinels work for everyone that has one or more.

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I have purchased a mining Kit, and will be waiting till it arrives to get started in the process of how it will be involved in the GPS world of technology, and mining.