XYO Live Webcam


I had an idea today. I think XYO should have a live 24/7 webcam so we can all see them working hard. I saw another project do this and people use to watch every day like a reality show and it generated traffic to the site which is never bad, could trigger people to buy more xyo…or new people just exploring could see the team in action and make them feel comfortable in buying in the gamma sale.

Camera could be set up on the wall to get the office view or something. Just an idea! I think it would be cool!


I actually was thinking of doing this as well, and was totally fine with it. But a few of our engineers (and paranoid Arie) was a little weired out by it.

That said, we just hired an AMAZING VIDEOGRAPHER! He started on Monday and he’ll be releasing a regular flow (daily ideally) of beautiful, edited video.

Yesterday, for instance, we had one of our partners from MOBI alliance (who have smart vehicle partnerships with Ford, Chevy, GM, etc.) and we shot video with them and video’d our meeting.

It’ll be released soon.

Honestly, the XY / XYO office and our progress could be an amazing reality show.


Great minds think alike. Well keep working on Arie haha. I think it would be a really unique thing to show people the faces of xyo, build loyalty with us hodlers and catch the attention of new folks. Just point it away from his desk hahaha. That sounds good though Scott cant wait to see the new content

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there is some facial recognition software that could be used to substitute emoji overlays for employees that don’t want to be seen. Ill find out what it is called, if this is really the last thing holding it back from happening.

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No one likes people looking over their shoulder whilst trying to work.
Although I’d proberbly have a nose once. Soon get bored.

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Wait, I guy called “Paranoid Arie” is working at a company that produces tracking devices and software?


You might wanna get ahold of customer service and talk with Jonathan about that or Jasmine they might be able to direct you to whoever you need to talk to about that to see if that’s possible

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Put it in the break room so we can watch employees drinking beer while on the job.



You’re hilarious


I sure would like to know


Why have a webinar for a professional investment and have someone drinking a beer while telling us his sob story?

I’ve been through shit too; my wife died three years ago; however, I would not be on a webinar with a beer in my hand and asking you to invest in me!!


Calm down bro it’s only a beer most people do business in conversation and mingling with indulgence That’s what breaks the ice we’re only human

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Not when you are trying to attract million $ investments


After hours yes; but not when you’re doing a sales pitch.

When my wife was in the hospital; I was not thinking about the insurance policy, I was loving her.

The guy that was in the webinar; yes I feel for him and his family. However; that should not have been a part of the seminar.

That’s all I have to say. Good night.

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It takes time for time to change.

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Sorry for your loss.

In my experience, I’ve closed all my best deals later at the bar/golf course after the professional sales pitch. I’m not sure, but it might be too late we’re perfect people over here. I think it’s best to just be real, and go with what you see is what you get. That’s what made me buy in as an investor, and eventually join the team. Someone asked me if I think of XYO differently now that I’m behind the scenes, and I said no… it’s the same as before when I came to visit, now I just get to be involved in more things with more people.

Keeping it real counts for some people. That said, I don’t think you’re wrong either…


You hang in there man you need to talk give me a holler 5098694785 have a great weekend be safe

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Thank you kindly, Sir PiBrain! :rofl:

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Is this a private line? Members only kind of thing; unlike Facebook?

If so; I’ll share a story about alcohol in the workplace.

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Looking at the flagged comments queue on this forum, you’re getting reported a loootttt for off topic and inappropriate comments. As much as i personally enjoy those, it’s best to simmer down on that. My best friend is ex military and i get a kick out of the crude way he and you talk, but i guess this is a place for technical learning and i don’t want people (or you) to leave.