XYO Dev Challenge: dApploy!

Alright, if you haven’t seen it yet, we launched a badass blockchain tool called “dApploy”

Here’s the Github repo: https://github.com/XYOracleNetwork/tool-dapploy-nodejs

It essentially enables you to deploy your web3/smart contract decentralized apps to the Ethereum blockchain with a single click.

Here’s the challenge:

For anyone that gets it up and running, plays around with it and deploys their own dApp AND records a video walkthrough of it, we’ll send you an XYO Swag Package, which will include 1) XYO Limited Edition Silver/Gold Coin, 2) XYO Shirt, 3) XYO Hat

Here’s what to do next:

  1. Get dApploy up and running via (https://github.com/XYOracleNetwork/tool-dapploy-nodejs), and deploy your first dApp
  2. Star the Github Repo (top-right of the repo there’s a star icon)
  3. Make a video of it and your experience using it
  4. Post the video of it here in this thread before September 15th. We’ll then PM you to get your mailing address!

Go, go, go, go XYO!


Feel free to connect with @Erika or myself if you’re having issues! Looking forward to seeing what you build!


Hi everyone!

Erika here, XYO Dev Community Manager. If you have any questions, require resources, or just want to talk nerdy don’t hesitate to reach out-- I’m always happy to help or point you in the right direction. :wave:

:man_technologist: #BUIDL ON!!! :woman_technologist:


really interested to try make a Telegram ishhh chat But with XYO TOKEN but the issue is that i have 0 Experiences with coding because i read it just a click here click there can i ask the head devopler to do a demo on how to start up the dapploy ?? Thanks a bunch


Hi Gohhan, Absolutely! We are currently working on finishing up the documentation for Dapploy, once that goes Live we are planning on @Kevin doing a step-by-step video walk-through that will help immensely.

So that I’m clear — Do you have any coding experience? Or are you just referring to not having any experience with Dapploy itself? Either way we’ve got you!

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I am not a developer only ever programmed basic when I was 17 but wrote a small game, Have tinkered with ASP too obvs HTML. Would I be able to do anything?

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Hi, I’m new to this crypto currencies block chain explosion. So not sure what I’m doing. Can I ask why I can’t buy xyo tokens direct with real money, just using a debit card. Seems a lot of hassle having to open a wallet in one place, buy some other coins somewhere else and then swap them for yours! Seems to me like if I wanted some yen, I’d first have to open a bank account in Italy the go to France transfer real money then go somewhere else to change it from a currency I never wanted into the one I did want. Seems madness to me. Suppose theirs a good reason but can’t figure it out.


It is the way it is!!

The only way apart from a small hardly used exchange is via here :slight_smile:
Buy it here though but yes you need to buy ETH first!!

The reason for this i see is that only determined people that believe in the projects (not out to just make a quick buck)put the first money in (normally Bitcoin holders in the first place - i think)
This also allows you like a membership to the ‘club’ to discuss with developers etc ideas.
The coins can be bought cheaper at the 1 or 2 exchanges that have them but I had a look and really hard to use.
I honestly believ in this project so much and have only been into all this for approx 1 year.
Trust your gut you have come this far!!
Buy your ETH from https://www.coinbase.com/join/5a4f9f8c3f661704acac147c

Send your ETH to a wallet i suggest the [https://shop.trezor.io?a=6b26367ecf78](http://VERY SECURE TREZOR COLD WALLET)
then from that send your ETH to the XYO wallet address after a few minutes your 62,900 OXY per 1 ETH will show in your acount!! :slight_smile:

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did you have any luck?

it is hard to do at the moment but will be worth the effort!!

You will soon be able to buy many of these currencies with £ or $ too but by then the price will be much higher as many will be doing it!!

The more effort you put in the earlier you do the more rewards you will reap!!

But I am not a financial advisor just my opinion!!


@Erika @GrahamMcBain

I have a good amount of “coding” experience in the physical sciences (i.e. MATLAB), but I don’t know where to start here. Should I download Visual Studio? I just got a GitHub account and downloaded GitHub desktop. What software tools should I download to get started, and what is the overal purpose of each of those.


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Just wondering if xyo would be useful to the life alert company. Could xyo find someone if they need help?

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I entered my project on the use case thread. Thank you for the material I look forward to the experience and opportunity. Humbled and grateful. Much love xyo

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historic Moves

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what can be done to make a fun kids game that collects XYO as the kids ride in the car with parents or freinds. driving game. treasure hunt, easter egg hunt, etc…
sounds like it’ll BLOW UP QUICKER with KIDS HELP.
let me know what any of y’all think.