XYO Comunity project for the Caribbean and Indonesia



I am interested in being a soldier of XYO the digital planet

My Vision and Objectives Spanish Speaking Marketing Manager

My Gool is to be part of XYO Team & support to Stay Up Forever

I have 2 XYO Comunity project for the Caribbean and Indonesia.

Caribbean Tribe XYO 2019-2020

I am Generation X of Venezuela Temp 27c and I live in an island called Isla Margarita FREE PORT in the Caribbean this island has an approximate number of in habitants of 400,000 people and I am interested that 1 % of the population has a sentinel which requires 4,000 Devices Approximate sales on the island … Creating a contribution to the economy of the intelligent community on the island generating humanitarian contributions such as food and medicines through the profits they obtain through their device generating an approximate 10.000XYO per day could achieve to earn 3 times the salary of Venezuela currently for each person who has an XYO Network device. For the fundamental logistics of this plan is to sell 333 sentinels per month to be able to achieve 1 year in the market until the introduction of new units and XYO devices and thus to found a good base in the Caribbean and South America.

Indonesia Tribe XYO 2020-2023

Bali is an exotic island full of mystical energy which has an approximate of 4,500,000 In habitants Temp 23C part of my life I lived surfing all those great places, tourism is very high almost all the year the amount of motorcycles there is an approximate of 3 million which I am interested in 1% of the population use XYO devices to generate some smart island colonies through the XYO platform. The logistics base for this plan is 45,000 devices and products to boost it in the 30 most special places of shopping centers

Selling an approximate per year 15,000 devices and products XYO sell in 3 years organically in the Indonesian market thus generating another Colony of the planet XYO the creations of intelligent islands


The plan for this opportunity to participate in this project is of several phases

1- Web creation
2- Company registration in the USA and Indonesia
3- Sales planning of 15000 sentinels 1 year
4- Profit planning between partners

  • eCommerce Manager
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Marketing & CEO

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