XYO Competitor?

Has anyone else seen this Smart-label promotion

it seems similar to XYO without the geomining. I think this is the type of exposure that Scott has been talking about.

Pump meet dump:


Pay for the $1300/year newsletter and someone will get rich no doubt. This is the best part of the article in my opinion:

“this is almost certainly a teensy microcap that went public through a reverse takeover of an old mining shell company on the Toronto Venture exchange about a year ago”

Nothing says state-of-the-art technology like old mining shell company… yeah, I’m sure to the moon!


I saw that about a week and a half ago and wondered the same thing. Printed with some kind of fairly new ink…

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Conductive ink and flex circuits have been around a while. We use them in the medical device industry all the time and RFID has been around also. It’s basically just a chip and an antenna with minor support components. Welcome to the XYO family.

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