XYO Biotech Implants


The xyo implant could be a small device inserted just under the skin that would track things like but not limited to location, heart rate, blood pressure, insulin levels, Military locations, dog tracking and ownership verification, detect early heart attacks and seizures, blood cell count, hormone levels, autoimmune issues, etc. It would cut down on kidnapping, human trafficking, POW, MIA, lost kids, runaways, etc.


I wouldn’t do it :hushed:


I’d buy 5 even if they were 2k a piece. Peace of mind to know you will always be able to find your kids


I I were a bad guy I think I’d just scan for implants and take them out. Idk about implanting a chip into me or any of my family. I totally get why it sounds like a good idea though. The health side of the idea sounds promising I suppose. If someone kidnapped me I think they’d pay to give me back. I’ve been told I’m a pain in the backside. :grin:


It would almost be the equivalent of a birth control implant. Inserted is easy but taking it out would require a medical professional. Some kidnapper won’t have the skills to take it out without damaging you.


I think putting one in your kids crosses a few moral and legal boundaries…


There are alot of things that are immoral and illegal or should be that are done to kids everyday. Having an implant to track their location to be able to always find them no matter what happens to them I would see it as a security not being immoral. Plus it could track our vitals and other functions. There could even be a feature that holds your identity like an rfid chip get pulled over cop asks for id scans your arm and your name address date of birth and so on would pop up but it would need approval to send that information to them so that random people couldn’t just scan you and find where you live.


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I don’t mean to rain on this parade so to say, but we have these already. They even have a contact lenses with microchips in them that can read blood concentrations of chemicals then wireless relay them to an implant in the body. Special Operations forces and members of whats known as SAD(Special Activities Division) of the CIA started using biometric implant technology that was available for public knowledge as early as 2009. However, they may used them many years prior to this or at least not as advanced versions. It started originally in the late 80s with wallet size emergency beacons for agents in West Berlin and Russian Territories. After the Berlin wall came down they got down to size a wrist watch in 1995. From there commercial progress kinda took the idea and ran with it. Breitling even made a watch for wealthy adventurers that had the beacon that was activated by a pull cord. They still make that model watch just a bit more modern. It operates on two frequencies using whats known as Air band radio, utilizing the freqs 121.5mhz and 243mhz. Then govt started out with extremely small transmitters/receivers that was implanted in both the meat of your ass and meatier portion of the webbing of your hand between thumb and forefinger. Foreign Services Agents also had some use with these according to some reports. Initial technologies were passive and needed an active seeker system to find them, almost like an NFC tag, just at a way higher tech scale. Latest implants have the ability to monitor pulse, location, speed, altitude, and can relay an emergency beacon that can be picked up from a cave in Antarctica to the Gobi desert. NSA played around with advanced body vibration tech that was paired with bone mics and active transmitters. Meaning the person who had this could be heard and private conversations depending on volume and proximity without the use of a external mic or amp. The most high tech versions in R&D being experimented on by Defense Advanced Research Agency(DARPA) are on the scale of micro to nano size, some that can be swallowed in a pill and are active until its pooped out by the user, or even more advanced nano versions that can be injected by syringe and still have the ability to relay temperature, location, time. How these devices transmit is unknown and classified, you can go on the DARPA public sites and see all the insane stuff they work on, from synthetic blood to smart bullets that can turn corners or explode at set distances around corners, submarine communication using ULF from the ionosphere, and so so much more. Like I mentioned specs and some parts are not public knowledge and our classed but still really amazing stuff to see is actually being done out there. If anyone is interested right now there are a couple companies that will implant a bluetooth/nfc chip in your hand so you can unlock your smarthome door, start your car, or unlock your phone or computer.

So as far as XYO getting into this, probably not, but Its still an amazing idea that we have accomplished as humans already. And I really don’t think its that much of a moral problem anymore, working with govt intel agencies in the military over the past decade I can tell you from experience, unless you literally go live in the woods in Siberia, hunt you own food, use no electricity and live underground deep enough where your heat signature and voice cant be detected, well there is no way to hide. If you have an Alexa, iphone, andriod, smart tv, onstar in your car, google home, or cortana on your computer, your location, voice, and pattern of life have been recorded for a long time now on massive databases, and if ppl truly think its not reviewed by or tracked, well then I have a bridge I can sell you if your interested :wink: Even Amazon just got caught doing product research by listening to recording of everyday life on ppls devices without their knowledge. I will put a link here at the end, if just think if they are doing this, how long and how deep do you think its been done by others in our own and foreign govts. Its just the world we live in!

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The only difference would be this would be a commercial product not just a secret government operations use or the super-rich, yes the price would be high but it would be worth it. It would bring the tech from the few to the many


" If someone kidnapped me I think they’d pay to give me back."

How much would I have to pay???



You haven’t even kidnapped me and your already wanting to pay to give me back?! Did I get on your nerves so soon? :face_with_hand_over_mouth::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I would be game to do it I would be game to do it