XY — the Persistent Company Announces 2018 Full-Year Audited Financial Report and Results


XY — the Persistent Company Announces 2018 Full-Year Audited Financial Report and Results

2018 Marked by Continued Global Sales Growth, Employee and Location Buildout, Increased Community Support for XYO Platform and Ecosystem

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Could we please have an official comment from XYO on these results? I was expecting Scott to comment on them on the Dataist today, but I see the show isn’t going ahead.

There are some worrying opinions being expressed on Reddit.

Thanks very much.


Hey @Billy_Idle no need to be worried. We’re a small, young-ish, fast-growing company, and there will always be challenges, just like in life. We’re doing something amazing here, have a fantastic, very smart, versatile team in place, and we’re doing something great. And most of our community is extremely supportive, very helpful and highly engaged, which we all love. @scott may weigh in with additional thoughts from his unique perspective. Hope this is helpful.

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Talked with Scott this evening and along similar lines as my comment earlier, here are his basic thoughts, paraphrased:

Thanks for taking the time to reach out. We saw and have been engaging with Reddit users throughout the day, and we’ve helped clarify for some users as needed.

That said, we’re full steam ahead, building and growth mode as you see by what is in the results and our team’s focused activity both behind the scenes and publicly. We’re strong, building out our technology and partner ecosystem base, and are very much a work in progress as you can tell. So stick with us as we continue to grow and improve even more.

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Hi Smalheiser

Thanks very much to you and Scott for the replies, your engagement with the forums is very much appreciated.

It’s reassuring that you are positive about the financial results, it would be great if Scott would consider discussing them in a bit more depth on the next Dataist show.

Thanks again!

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