Xy stock investment. What is going on with it?


All I keep hearing about is xyo. I want to hear more about my xy stock I bought. I’ve invested my money in the stock. That’s what I’m interested in. I’m not a miner and I’ve not a clue to how to mine or cryptocurrencies. My interest is how my investment is doing.

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@Ringmaster well, in my opinion, had XY not pivoted to XYO, your investment would be long gone. I’m an early investor in XY also (2016) and I also “came along for the ride” to XYO. But I did use it as a springboard into crypto this year after ignoring the ICO. It was time for me to learn about crypto.

There’s no going back to XY, and I suspect they will be completely phasing out that side of the business (to be honest, I never felt the XY4 find it devices worked that well for their intended purpose). It seems to me that the pivot was a smart move to stay afloat… time will tell if XYO can survive but I hope so. They seem to have a great group of developers and I’d like to see them succeed (partly for my own small investment but mostly because it’s exciting to be at the forefront of the crypto age and learning something new).


I am in the same place that apparantly you two are as well. I hope that my XY shares turn into something great at XYO . . . . . . but I’ve quit holding my breath . . . . . . it will happen or it won’t . . . . . “darn it”!


G’day mate.

I too bought shares in XY.

And I am hanging for a shareholders update. A long over due update.
Profit,loss, dividend info iwhen profitable.

Thier is A lot of energy going into getting our project of the ground. Which to be honest I prefer. so unless we are bought out, we shouldn’t stress to much.

I bought shares to support XY and XYO companies , over xyo crypto which is a shame as they are called founding members and are getting benefits,discounts and free XYO.(bullshit) sorry.

The original Share holders own it all and should be rewarded for our early faith and support.

Sorry this to topic about shares upsets me.
As thier is to much focus on those that bought XYO at ICO last year.
Most probably bought XYO at ICO as that was the money making flavour at the time within thee cryptoverse that every man and his dog as launching and the FOMOing punters were buying into ICOs in a hope to make easyproffits.
Not actually investing to help found and continue the progress of XY the parent company and XYO

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