XY FindIt vs XYO Network

I have been assuming all this time that since the XY FindIt users and the XYO Network sentinels are using the same hardware, that they are connected to the same network, but now that I’ve realized that a firmware update is required on sentinels in the mining kit, I’m not quite sure what to think anymore.

This would clear up a lot of my questions about the contents of a Bound Witness Payload as well as the need to tie the devices to a GPS coordinate at some point.

It would also introduce new concerns about whether updated devices become “useless” to an XY FindIt user and how large my share of the mining pool really would be if there are so many devices involved in the process of collecting data.

This also begs the question to me, what does the future of XY FindIt hold? Will I need to put gas in the tank of all of my sentinels so devices will continue to be tracked? Will we get a share of a locating fee every time someone beeps their keys or rings their phone?

Any insight that could lead to clarity would be greatly appreciated. I’m a total newbie to the community and just feel there are a lot more questions than answers currently.

Hey, this is Jin from XYO!

Your XY4+ Finders will still work even after the updating firmware. They will still be used to track your keys, wallets, backpacks, etc.

You will need to update your firmware in order to function your Finders as Sentinels. Also, please note the mining network will not be live until the end of this quarter (3/31), so you will not be generating/mining any XYO Tokens. You will still gather the location data after updating to the newest firmware.

Once our mining network is live and running, you will be getting rewards in XYO Tokens for all the answers you can provide to the queries and/or questions that are asked by our user of the network.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask!



How long must two sentinals be in contact to create a bound witness? does it make more sense for me to put my mining sentinels in moving vehicles, at stoplights, or neither?

I was planning to put my bridge at the back door or just inside the receiving dock of my business, so when the vehicles return, they bridge up their transactions.

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On a clear field, your Sentinels can communicate, or create a bound witness, in a maximum of 350 feet apart from each other. You’ll have the most benefit when you carry them around and make them communicate with other Sentinels out there.

Having two Bridges is pretty ideal; one at your place and one at your workplace so whenever you go to work and walk around (maybe your office or places nearby your work place), you will be collecting location data and constantly pushing the data to our server, or Archivists. At the end of the day, you can come home and push all of your location data that you have gathered on your way home (by communicating with other Sentinels) via your bridge at home. :slight_smile:

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