XY Findables shares

I have just purchased 45 shares in XYFindables

![image|690x389] (min im afraid as 2 x XYO offering too!
Im a bit worried as it said my IP was detected as USA and I have paid the $350 for the tee shirt certificate etc but just want to check that as a UK citizen I am still ok to have applied?

I have never felt so SURE about an investment as this!!

I missed out on the days of Google shares and Amazon shares being available this has the potential to be much bigger!

Hiring someone to reply back to us I hope? @paopao @Erika I know you must all be busy!

Am I able to buy shares in my Limited Company name too? House removals and transportation business so would love to have my company holding some too!!
As relevant to my industry.
Need any admins for on here? :slight_smile:


We are on the same boat. Awaiting for someone to reply to your message aside from me.

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@bobv @brightonsteve

Currently XYO is not selling Tokens to US Citizens. However, I have a Reg A+ offering that allows us to sell equity shares in XY! You can purchase XY Equity easily with a credit card, and you will not need ETH. XYO Tokens and XY Equity are slightly different, and you can learn more about the differences here:

If you’d like to learn more about XY Findables and its relationship to the XYO Network, you can learn about it here: https://university.xyfindables.com/how-are-xy-and-xyo-network-related-370bf3bd55d3.

Finally, you can check out our SEC Reg A+ qualification and purchase XY Equity here: https://www.xyfindables.com/

Hope this helps! If you have additional questions on this topic please email our support team at:
investor-relations@xyfindables.com :slightly_smiling_face:


I have the shares and the tokens :slight_smile:


@Erika how do i go about getting shares in my company name?

or I have to put my name to them?

I have some in my name and want my company to have some too…

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If you’ve already purchased them, send us an email at investor-relations@xyfindables.com and we can assist in making the change. If you’re purchasing additional shares in your company name, you can just use the company name when making the purchase.


How do we get a ‘real’ XYO coin? I saw one somewhere?

An actual metal one?

Or do we get one in all the investor packs? :slight_smile:

I got the minimum shares though :frowning:

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Just received my XYO shares, Teeshirt and Hat :slight_smile:

Thankyou XYO team @scott @Erika @FartGobbler and anyone else!!
Must admit after seeing the Youtube video of the guys packing I thought I may have seen a surprise ‘real’ coin in there…
How do we get a XYO minted coin?
Would LOVE one!
#xyshareholder #xyo #crypto


shared via 2 x twitter accounts, facebook AND Reddit :slight_smile:

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A friend is wanting to buy into the shares?

Is it still possible or closed to the public now as per letter?

@scott @Erika


Shoot us an email at investor-relations@xyfindables.com and let us know there that you’d like one!


At this time, shares are still available to the public.

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please supply a link? the website didnt seem to take me to them?

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Xyfindables.com/invest or xy.company/invest - we’re in the process of moving our corporate page, so both work.


I’m new to this and wanted to jump aboard. How do I look up the shares to see there worth? Is there a symbol to look up the shares? Need help. Thank you

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At this point in time, XY isn’t listed on a stock exchange. We’re still a privately held start-up. Until 2015, investing in companies like XY was only available to venture capital firms and other accredited investors. Through Reg A+ of the JOBS Act, you’re able to invest in XY without us going through an IPO and being publicly traded.

When/if investment like these show returns, it’s usually through dividends, an acquisition, or an IPO. SEC rules mean that I can’t speculate on when/if any of these will happen or which is more likely.

We released our semi-annual report yesterday, covering January 1 - June 30 2018. It’s available on the SEC’s website here. Here are, in my opinion, some key take-aways.

  • As of June 30, the company had more than $22 million in working capital, compared to negative $2 million at the end of 2017. This is due to a few factors, primarily the XYO token sale and a significant increase in international sales of our Findable devices.

  • From January 1 to June 30 of 2018, the company brought in a net profit of $5 million, compared to a net loss of $2 million during the same period last year.

  • From January 1 to June 30, XY brought in more than $1.4 million in revenue from the sales of our hardware devices. This is more than 200% growth over our revenue during the same period of 2017, and 40% more than we brought in through ALL of 2017, including the holiday season.

[Edited to correct dates]


It’s there a link to the 45 shares still. If so I would like to purchase now.

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Check out xy.company/invest!

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That link takes me to the the 65 shares.

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