XY app for sentinels

I have XY find it app on my phone with sentinels claim to it, I noticed they only hold so many.Also your phones, can be connected. Do we have an app that holds more than 8 XY sentinels where we can name them and track them? when were able to register our sentinels how many will we be able to register? Will XY find it app ever be able to hold more sentinels? Where we can visually see them? Or perhaps we can add it to the coin app?

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Hi @Dat
The XY Findit app is almost irrelevant at this point. It is part of the old XY company and tech that is being use as a starting block for the new tech.

If you are using an Android device there is a new app, XYO Network App (can some one provide a link?) I think this may resolve some of your issues.

If, like me, you are using an iOS device you will have to wait a little longer for the new app to be released. No idea when it’s coming although I heard a rumour it has been ok’d by Apple but XYO are holding it back for some reason?

Faith & Patience are they key.

Thanks for the info, yeah I jave xyo network app as well, and have been doing bound witnesses.I have two old XY trackers from back in the day when they first started. I thought perhaps they were going to revamp the whole app. I have three sentinels on the xyo network app. I think they turned it off on the account there waiting for iOS?

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Yes; the find it app is worthless

Why is it worthless?

Half the time it doesn’t work

The find it app is not part of the future plans for XYO. It is no longer being developed and nothing you can do on the app has any effect or benefit on the XYO network.
The only slight beneficial thing on it is the ability to update the sentinel firmware.


In addition, once the Sentinel firmware is upgraded to work on the XYO Network App from this point on, it will no longer work with the XY Find It App. So if you are still using that to locate your items, keep the Sentinels you’re using with its original firmware.

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What is the best way to take the mining sentinels off the xy find it app?

Delete the XY find it app.
It’s going to be like Windows XP, gone and forgotten about.

Thanks man, wasn’t sure how the sentinels work as far as updating. Didn’t want to ruin them.