World Map of Sentinel locations

Just wondering if in the future you’ll have some sort of map with the locations and numbers of the different miners or sentinels? I travel a lot but mostly in Europe and Asia and it would be nice to know the “hot spots”. I’m new to this and still reading through the blog posts, so maybe I’m using the wrong wording.

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This is an excellent ideal.

Hey memnock!

This is Jin from XYO.

I will definitely forward your idea to our developers.


While it does not give specific sentinel info, the heat map here is interesting.

If I zoom in to my geographic location I can see major heat at my home from the sentinels there, and see my travels around the city.

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Hrm, I don’t see anything on the map (either heat or beacon view) for my home with my sentinels and bridge, or for places I have visited.

Should I be worried?

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Are you running the XY findit app on your phone with registered sentinels ? I believe that website is basing its data on the Findit app, not any bound witness data from bridges.

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Hi Yompster

Aha, I was running the XYO Network app on my phone, not the XY findit app.

I’ve now installed the findit app and registered a sentinel to it.

It still doesn’t show on the map, but I’ll do more and try to generate some heat.

Thanks very much for your help! :slight_smile: