Why is XYO selling all left over tokens again at market price?!


Hello all, I would just like to offer some constructive feedback and questions in relation to the discussions we were having about unsold gamma tokens. Maybe I missed the discussion in this group in the run up to the new deal that can be found here: https://purchase.xy.company/select – where it seems that xyo is being sold directly from the company at cost prices in quantities limited only by the remaining number of unsold gamma tokens. To me this seems to be very different working proposal than the one I am replying to.

1st. I would like to know how this has come about?

2nd. I would like to know for how long this sale will run? – there is a 28min count down timer that resets every time I refresh the page so not sure if this is to be taken literary.

My suggestion as has been stated before is to burn some tokens or follow Abramelin’s plan as many had talked about before. If there is some logic in the current plan could you please explain it to me. Thank you.


For completeness sake this is the message by Scott I was respoding to in my message copied from telegram:

Working Proposal******

Gamma was suppose to end when:

  1. There are over 10,000 unique end-users per day utilizing XYO for location-reliant transactions.

  2. There are at least 100 active DApps built by Blockchain Developers that utilize the XY Oracle Network (with at least one “Killer DApp” that uses the XY Oracle Network).

  3. A healthy crypto-economic market for providers of network data: i. Sentinels, ii. Bridges, iii. Archivists, iv. Diviners (More in white paper).

We deciced to end this earlier than this (December 1, 2018) because GAMMA created an artificial ceiling that hurt the price. AND… We launched the XYO MainNet.

So… Here is the “WORKING PROPOSAL” for the Sale Mechanics for XYO after GAMMA Sale Ends:

  1. https://get.xyo.network website is taken down completely. GAMMA Stage sale is closed forever on December 1, 2018.

Use Case:

  1. New XYO Geodapp Developer visits https://gamma.xyo.network or XYO Geominer visits New XYO Network Viewer and does not have any XYO (required for staking or to call out to oracle network).
  2. User clicks button to purchase XYO needed to do so.
  3. User is taken to a page that lists all of the cryptocurrency exchanges where one can purchase XYO. One of the options is “Buy via this website directly”.

We are doing this because we believe we can streamline the process of purchasing XYO vs. having to sign up for an exchange directly.


Here are some proposed mechanics that we like for purchasing XYO via this option:

  1. The XYO is tied to the average of all the exchange prices, BUT, it’s 5% more expensive.
  2. The XYO will NEVER be sold at a cheaper rate than was made available via the GAMMA Token Sale.
  3. There is a daily limit. The daily limit is this: For instance, 2 Million XYO Sold Per Day.

CONSTRUCTIVE, COHERENT feedback welcomed!

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@James I am definitely more of the tech community helper then the economics/financials helper. This is a question you might want to pose directly to XYO/XY Company. This site was started by them, however, you are better off maybe contacting Scott or Arty or Eric directly. Here this is mainly a community run forum and except for maybe two or three people who actually work for XY and visit here, like scott and Jin and pizza, and its primarily focused on tech support, mining setup, code help, archivist/diviner builds, and issue/glitch/bug solving, complaining and workarounds lol. The regulars here try to keep up with everything XYO and blockchain, but as for things that happened back when Gamma was a thing or purchasing proposals specifics, I don’t know how informed you are or up to date so I don’t want to tell you stuff you already be aware of, that being said I will lay out some basics.

Maybe I am missing the basic question you are asking, which is…are you asking what is the best way to go about purchasing XYO, or a comparison of how Gamma was supposed to happen and then changed?

My main concern is you said the magic word for scams, hustles, and issues, and that is TELEGRAM. Anyone regardless of who they say they are in Telegram, will never offer you XYO or deals or proposals over that communication method that is legit. Anyone who asks for your keys, wallet addresses, or anything like that should be blocked immediately. Right now I can tell you there are three really great ways to buy/obtain XYO, the main one being just go to an exchange and go buy some. Its literally easier then trying to pick out what flavor treat your cat might like(sometimes I stand there to long and think to hard about this). There are a couple of exchanges selling it and you can find trades for lots of places. Second is going through the XYO website and buying one of those Dataistic, Or Mining Packages, Or Game Changer Package, Or Aristotle Package etc etc. These come with XYO crypto, a little bit of ETH, and some XYO swag, and usually a mining kit sentinel or up to a whole mining kit itself. Third and final way is geo-mining it yourself, which you can do from the COIN app and it costs nothing to do, and you can earn 12x as much if you own a Sentinel. Also as of yesterday, Bound Witness XY Network App went live and you can now make tokens from being apart of the Bound Witness, Archivist, Diviner etc etc integration. So in short:

  1. Buy it on an Exchange
  2. Buy a Package from XYO
  3. Geo-Mine your Own
    I recommend all three! lol, but that’s just me! Hope I kinda helped, wasn’t sure exactly what you were asking but I’m throwing a hand grenade in a bunker so to say, maybe I got you, maybe I didn’t, if you return fire, then I messed it up lol.



Scott starts off with saying he “IS NOT GOING TO SELL ANYTHING” then at the end, SELL SELL SELL…The FHR are all pretty upset about the newest XYO offer$10k in Tokens for $10k plus all the stuff. THe FHR which is the base feels screwed over by this. Selling at theses prices hurts the price. The volume today are the COIN miners. The voulume is so low that the price is dropping like a stone. Scott needs to double the FHR HODLERS. You watch the price will be lower yet becasue the FHR’s are frankly PISSED. Look at a few other XYO Telegram sites…@scottscheper

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Please get them to respond here, I see no need to keep their reply private.


Please don’t patronize me about telegram. I understand this may be worth your time typing for a complete beginner, but is that really the way I come across…


Hey James, Bwa, ReconCatLord -

I apologize for delay, and Bwa - I think I’ve seen your name in my Telegram messages. I’m inundated in Telegram, so I’m sorry for ghosting you (and all unread messages in Telegram!).

This is very much on my mind. And I’ve been meaning to circle back in here in the Geohacker Forum and do some house cleaning (meaning following up on our XIP’s, etc.).

I’m going to dive into this shortly and will give you clarity and updates on this front – and on the related fronts as well.


Thank you for eventually getting back to me, I await your reasoning.


delete ReconCatLord’s message its embarrassing to your company, He/She obviously took no time to read what I wrote…


@scott Scott!!! awesome to finally hear from you, I been on here a ton of time trying to help out, first time you been in a thread with me. I wrote to you a couple times, but I know you get slammed with messages and a billion other things. I was in chat yesterday on your live show again, was pretty awesome being able to chat with Mike also for the first time. I hope my posts on here have helped maybe take some workload off you all. Looking forward to chatting with you sometime. Thanks!!!

@James I did my best to try and understand your question, I was not sure what you were asking. I don’t work for XYO, I come here on my free time to help others out and just try to give me best effort to fixing issues, teaching people things and motivating others about XYO. I’m the top ranked volunteer here and I love teaching others about it, I was just looking to help I apologize if I didn’t answer your question, I volunteer my time because I love tech, blockchain and think XYO is the future. I don’t see how it was embarrassing at all, I’m not customer support, I’m just a Soldier in the Army who loves blockchain and tech and believes 100% in this vision. Again my apologies.



Thank you… I am a believer in XYO and also very experienced in the Investment arena. When I see red flags I get concerned. This crypto market is so very fragile and filled with FUD. I hate to see people with virtually free XYO selling for a few dollars and because there is no vulume they sell i ETH and the price dips. This company is better that it is performing. If there is anything I can do to help, please ask. I was booted off the geohacking Telegram page for some constructive critism about Scott’s SELL SELL SELL. He needs to take a much higer road than a T-shirt and cap saleman. Just my 2 1/2 cents Blake

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If you want to forecast the future fromt he past. Learn everyting about the Penny Stock Market, “Pinks” from the early 80’s. This crypto market is a larger version of that Penny Stock “Pinks” era. Full of fraud, liars and thieves. I know first hand becasue at the time I was the guy behingd the green curtain. It survived and now OTC and Nasdaq are their bastard children. You idea of under promotion and over delivering will bring may of us back into the fold. I fell in love with XYO when I heard you pay such respect to you Father. He must be amazingly proud of you! I have a son that got into BTC at the beginning and now has many millions, unfortunately he has chosen to withdraw from our family. Hopefully, someday I will hear your praises from him. Blake


Please catch me up to date on this. Are you saying the
1)left over gamma tokens are being sold
2) they are being sold through the site but not at the 5% premium

I hope this is wrong… if it is not there is a lot more we could ad to the list of xyo going back on their word to founding holders.

I’m getting very frustrated with this project.


hmm, seems you have good intentions but came across as a mediating team member “the tech community helper” who didn’t/doesn’t have a clue.


Timer now removed from https://purchase.xy.company/select, so you guys selling till the end then?!?!


@James I don’t have a clue about what Sir? I specifically stated I was more acquainted with the technology like setup of the mining kits, understanding of BW, and I specifically said to contact them directly. I also mentioned right after that, that this community was more acquainted with the physical/tech aspect of XYO, and said I did not know what happened back in gamma or what proposals were made. I said I didn’t want to waste your time because you may already be aware of things I was going to state. I did not mean to offend you in anyway, you seem very agitated and seem to be taking it out on me. We get tons of Geohackers that have gotten scammed on Telegram, I was in no way saying you were a beginner, Its just something I say just incase, because I have seen so many people get scammed by jerks and assholes on there. I am trying to be as cordial and respectful as possible, I even threw in a little cat humor into my original post. Like I mentioned before, I apologize if I angered you or made you feel a certain way, my intentions were truly to help, you are the first person who I have engaged with like this out of the almost one hundred that I have spoken too. I’m more mad at myself that I couldn’t help you out immediately, but I responded best way I can. If you do have any questions related to the actual setup for mining kits, BW, archivist or hardware, please feel free to ask me. Thanks and I hope you were able to get the answers you were looking for from one of the principals.

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Hey @James - We formed an internal working group today in order to finally roll out the details regarding the Gamma Stage Tokens and the FHR. We’ve figured out the major details. Our goal is to encourage long-term holding and usage of XYO in the network (as stake). I’m pretty sure our community and FHR will be happy to see it. :slight_smile:

I plan to work on this almost exclusively even over Easter weekend here! This is a super high priority now that Staking on the Mainnet is live.

In the meantime, yes we’ve made available a package to purchase XYO for staking in the network (and using) along with our products, and Geomining Kit hardware (and hands-on training showing our customers how to do bound witnesses and build the geospatial data).

You’re right, the XYO is valued at market price–Also, they’re sold from the Cryptoeconomic Reserve (not GAMMA Allocation).


To follow up on this, @James we all looked at your thoughts and took them into consideration.

While a lot of details are still being worked out, here’s the current situation.

The current packages being sold at market price ends Sunday. Tokens sold in those packages are locked for staking, and there is a 5-day cool down period before they can be unstaked. Any future packages that include tokens for staking will be above Gamma (and market) price considerably (gamma price pegged at $0.005). They will not be from unsold gamma tokens, but the crypto economic reserve. Staking contracts will be long term - likely 12 months and beyond.

Lots more to come, with the idea of benefiting XYO holders and people who participate in the network. Now that it’s just about all built out (minus staking and some bugs to fix), our focus will be providing good incentives for early adopters to continue supporting and making the XYO token useful.


In the intermediate and especially in the long term, the value of XYO tokens will depend not on manipulation or issuance of promotional packages, it will depend on the build-out of the network and the usefulness of XYO as a viable technology. The same holds true, probably even more so, of the stock price. Unless the development AND IMPLEMENTATION of this technology realizes its potential, all the rest is just noise. If you don’t believe this or if you are otherwise disaffected, now might be a good time to consider cashing out. I certainly hope that you do not…


@pizzamind @mikeyrInJeff Great point, the vision has not changed, the tech has not changed. All that needs to happen for this to become a huge big fat success is for the implementation of the tech and the build out of the network to the public and to the world. I remind everyone who may be feeling distanced or disaffected or ignored…you are not at all ignored or forgotten, the earlier you got in on this monumental movement, the more value you have to this company and to all of us following it and believing in it that came after you, I myself owe you a debt of gratitude for being apart of this before I was. You are the reason that we are where we are right now and why XYO continues to grow. There will always be bumps in the road and doubts by others, there may even be times when you think you made a mistake, but I implore you or anyone else feeling like this to hold on. And I don’t say this as a blind follower, I am human and had doubts at points also, but one thing that helped me get over that and increase my belief in it was looking outward/outside, looking abstractly at the current situation.

Most people don’t realize it yet, but we are in the start of another technological revolution, its like its 1989 all over again and you have a chance to be apart of those skyrockets we saw in the early 90s. Blockchain, 5G, Quantum computing, Miniaturization, Space Integration, Genetic Coding/Editing, 3D Printing of Human Organs, AR/VR/MR: All these things are starting to crawl out of their cribs, and we will be the ones to foster them onto the scene to develop a technological growth in society that has not been seen before in our history. So hold on to your belief, check out all the awesome projects out there, I literally had to purchase a new Bookmarking app just so I could keep track of all the awesome things I wanted to be involved in. I know I may sound like an idealist but the finances will follow the tech, as they always have. I hope I have inspired you and others to stay! XYO! To the Moon!