Where do tokens go that I mine

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Ok I’ve set up my bridge and and a few of my sentines running. How do I see if I’ve mined any tokens where do the tokens go that I mine and how do I access them.

But… Don’t post support inquiries. Instead just email support@xyo.network - it will save you time!

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mining is not live yet, it is still in the works im sure well get additional info when its nearing.

Thanks just wanted to make sure I wasn’t supposed to register something.

IF YOUR WAllet is in the FHR List make sure you use that. they state in the XIPs a FHR whiltelist wallets MAY get 10% more Xyo Mined. if the finalist it

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Where is that info?..where is any info at all?

I called two months ago and they said the network would be up early December, but that was all they could say.

I’m beginning to think we got scammed

May Be!

There is no place to add a wallet at all that’s what I’m talking about. Also my Sentinels only work about 8-10feet line of sight only. actually that was before I did the update the ones with the new update don’t work at all.

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We didn’t get scammed. We just have to be patient.

where do I find the FHR white LIST?

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This video explains.

More information.