When buying sentinel idea

Why not give the user an option to support the product more and give an option to order an extra battery and let you guys at XYO pull the plastic tab blocking battery use so all data is tacked in transit? and we send once received or something? maybe I am still just way to noob to understand this won’t work. just getting started here. But I would have been and would still be happy to do this with any I get as long as you don’t go crazy with the prices to do so.

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I really like that idea :bulb:
It makes complete sense. :+1:

@pizzamind what do you think :thinking:

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As a user it strikes me as pretty much neutral. The data gathers will not earn anything to be used to track anything. The cost of the battery would have to be added to the cost of the purchase. And those malfunctioning or press sentinels beeping my freak out mail workers.

When the system is working or if you could pre-claim the sentinel, then it would be cool to see.

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HAHA But it would be so funny! @bunnyhugger ya good point the Black “free” (I’m guessing cheaper made? or worse battery?) sentinels always beep the others seem to not ever have the issue I have 6 others never an issue thus far but 3 out of my 5 black sentinels beep all the time (ordered batteries to see if it will shut them up) but really wouldn’t the havoc the beeping could cause allow it to travel more in a package? so I guess I would be in if we could pre-claim and get credit beforehand. hah!

I have bought the geominning ket 67.12 but haven’t received it yet been about 4wkrs now larrysduncan@gmail.com

I suggest trying support@xy.company

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I do agree that XYO could value-add their product offering range by also selling packs of batteries maybe 2, 5, 10 battery bundles, this would enable an additional product revenue stream and ensure the purchase of the better quality batteries.
Most people want convenience and often willing to pay a little more.

I like the new addition of the plastic tab as it ensures that stock sitting on the shelf will not continue to have its battery slowly discharge.

Pre-claiming sentinels could be done in a couple of different ways, one of which would be through a QR Code scan to assign that to an account, else through a bound witness with a RFID on the package label (challenge on this is the close proximity of other devices plus the vast quantity of bluetooth devices in say the warehouse/dispatch.

I don’t like the idea of pre-claiming sentinels as it would add additional expense at a time when there is not enough bridge devices to provide descent value.