What is the most productive way to use your Sentinel and Geo-miner


I work out of my house and don’t really go anywhere thus my Sentinels don’t either. How can I best use them? I’m out in the country how can I mine most productively?

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as of the moment i am also not quite sure what the Use of the mining kit and how it works atm i am waiting for them to release more details

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I’m going to put one in my mailbox so anyone driving by including family that have trackers will connect with my sentinel. not sure if we will receive any mining fees until the system expands and there are more uses in play Only time will tell I guess.

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This terminology is a bit confusing. I’m a very hands on kind of man. It is hard for me to visualize or picture what I’m reading. I get the Sentinels but they talk about Bridges, Archivists, and Diviners. I have an idea but I’m not sure. The Sentinel is what it is. The Bridges are the cell phones that run the xy App? What are the other two?

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Server and database are the basic equivilent terminology i can think of.

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George, where in the UK are you if I may ask? My parents live just a bit north of Dundee Scotland where my brother lives. He had not hear of XYO. How did you hear about it. I know Cryptos are more widely known over there from my experience. I try to go visit my parents once a year.

OK, you say server and database. Sorry, but make it more simple for me. Sentinel is a Sentinel. My thinking is that the Bridge and maybe the Archivist is my phone finally the Diviner is the Miner. Your terminology did help.

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Ok… I’m in a small university town called Aberystwyth (population less than 20,000, but has a lot of academics and the national library of Wales). I heard of xyo last march during the ICO when I was visiting my partner in Newark, New Jersey.

Sentinels can be the XY4+ or a phone with the network app on sentinel mode. It collects the data including distance from other sentinels and GPS locations and talks to each other’s using Bluetooth.

Bridges gather the data from sentinels and broadcast it on the internet to the arciveists. This could be mobile phones and tablets and laptops, basically it could be any device that has Bluetooth and the network app in bridge mode. Bridges gather information from sentinals and talk to arcivists.

Activists are devices that will hold all the data from the protocol and devices. This requires a large amount of read only memory to syore the information and random access memory to process it and a stable internet connection to gather it from the bridges. It also talks to the deviners and passes query requests.

Deviners are where all the information is the programs that stores the information and can be asked to return information when the arcivists make the requests. I dont know if you’ve ever been to a national library but think of it has the miles of tunnels holding the books, the archivist being the people who restive the books and place them on the shelves when they are not in use, the bridges as the reading rooms and the sentinels as the people who write the books and submit them to the library…

I hope that helped rather than made things more confusing.


Thank You


GEORGEM Thanks for that. Starting to understand a bit better now.
Had wondered what the two options / functions in the network app Sentinels or Bridges were for or which it should be switched too.
I’m in small village in Northumberland so never see any sign of other miners on the coinapp or even on a trip to Sommerset and back


Bridges are the XYO box they sent out with the sentinals. It has a cat 5, 2 USB and 1 HDMI plug. It should be up and running if you have one. You can use your TV as a monitor with your personal HDMI to see what it’s doing. I’m not sure what yet, but it should be operating.

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The COIN app shows 8 Sentinels nearby but only 3 verified. How do I tell which ones are on? The “chirps” sound pretty much the same . Now it says 7 nearby and 5 verified.??


Think of Archivist as info collectors that hold all the location hand shakes reported. The Diviners as the request managers that answer inquires.

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