What happened xyo

Hi All,
I’ve logged out of xyo for some time now. I haven’t even looked at a message or price since December. I had to walk away because the project became poisonous. Founding holders were planning a mutiny. Comma club members were untrustworthy paid shills and the team made promises that they did not deliver.
I came back to ask some simple questions now that I’ve seen the price. Please do not attack me for my views. I think many founding members that have been in since ico would share them.

  1. has a fhr been published
  2. how were fh’s rewarded for buying directly off the site.
  3. is the iOS app up?
  4. have any comma member been offered jobs / consulting gigs
  5. what is being marketed… coins. Shares… mining kits… hats?
  6. is anyone mining ? I’ve heard people are mining coins but know that no one is in the area…
  7. xyo mailed me more shit… why? Is the original stuff I threw away not working?
  8. is the hammer still blocking folks on telegram?
  9. did Rodman and Vick end up doing any marketing?
  10. is the satellite orbiting?

Please everyone fill me in on the positive and negative since December. My investment is not doing well. I want to know why


Oh and what I want to know more than anything… what happened to the “ over 4 billion led over gamma tokens?” We were promised answers before 2019 on this… I don’t see extra coins in my wallet

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Ok well I will try to answer a couple of you questions. I haven’t heard of anything about a mutiny or saw any reputable sources mention this. Is there a certain incident that made you feel it was poisonous? I’m in no way are attacking you, I’m just asking in general if you had something bad happen dealing with XYO. There is a FHR, I am not sure if FH were rewarded in anyway, I held XYO from IDEX days after the GAMMA closed, so I’m not considered an FH. As for comma club members being offered jobs/consulting gigs, I highly doubt this info would be publicly available nor should it, unless the person getting the job wanted it to be. Plus I find it would be a weird place to job pool ppl from, cause there are lots of us out there that aren’t in “the comma club” but easily meet the criteria for it, its not an official club or recognized to be. As to what has been marketed, as you know tokens are available on multiple exchanges now, you can buy “common stock” style securities from XYO, and there has been lots of events since December. The mining kit was available back in August/Sept, not sure if it still is, or at least if they are being pushed out as fast as they originally were, I do know the first 2000 of them went out by January and they were still producing more. Since then they have also offered boxes of Sentinels, And also a kit called the dataist box, which came with a mining kit plus lots of other goodies. Lots of people are mining, thousands of people, I don’t know how many are using Sentinels with there mining, I think it is around 9 to 10 thousand at a minimum. Yes there is an iOS app for the mining, its called COIN, just like the Android version. It just received its 7th update as of yesterday. There is a new XYO network app out for android which was pushed out as an “unreleased” style in the play store(alpha ver), but has had some revision and is still in progress. They also have mailed out new software images for the XYO bridge on SD cards for anyone who purchased a XYO bridge mining kit. The original image was very much a Beta, and this is a update. Those started being shipped last week. As for the other aspects we all have been working on getting the Archivist node up, and there has been freaking amazing results from people on the Gitter and Discord channels from what I can see. And I also see some even working on Diviner nodes now. I have no clue what the “hammer blocking telegram is”, but I do know that those who are very dedicated to XYO are working everyday in the Gitter channel, on Github, on Discord, and on Medium to code, trade code, and solve issues. I would say most of Telegram are people who have heard about XYO but are not really dedicated to the actual tech or knowledgeable to the extent that those on Gitter or Discord are. Plus you have the normal scammers and spammers and just people looking for something for free, or a magic crypto that rockets from .0000001 to $10k in 6 months, which is not really a realistic vision. As for Rodman and Vick, I do know Vick signed some footballs and other memorabilia and items that they gave away for attending events both live on the net and in person. No the satellite is not orbiting, which yes, would be awesome and I have belief that it possibly could one day, or maybe not, but I don’t think that affects XYO at this stage at all, everyone is still working hard on Archivist builds, getting to know the tech, some are learning about crypto for the first time, or learning how to code for the first time because of XYO. There has been obstacles along the way, and not every single suspense date/timeline goal for specifics has been met. However, they have been very honest and upfront about the main road map of the corporate vision and tech vision of what XYO is and can become. Cryptos are very much a developers community, you are working with tech that is basically the future of finance and social interaction, so yes it can be slow going, but at the same time, we have seem some major achievements. My personal opinion is for a company with less than 100 employees, Im EXTREMELY impressed. What impresses me more is the community around XYO, from really expert developers to brand new tech enthusiasts, lots of people have been working together to get things done. Bottom line, do I think this will springboard me to multi-million dollar status in the next 3 years…NO, however, do I think it could possibly make me a nice nest egg for a very small investment in the scheme of things maybe 7 to 10 years down the line…Most Def it could. Ten years and 6 months ago, two guys bought a pizza with 100000 tokens of a thing called Bitcoin. Fast forward ten years, millionaires made, billionaires made, a whole new aspect of human interaction with our world through Blockchain, and here we are, I’m writing to you on a forum where we are working on a new type of crypto that offers to change the world ten years from now. I hope you will continue your support of XYO. Could this be a flop…highly doubtful but of course possible, I am a realist. Might another company come out with a similar vision and tech and make it to the moon and I am left holding my Ledger screaming at them while they dine on the moon, yes that is possible too, or maybe it will be me eating mozzarella cheesesticks while I play the latest version of PUBG on Mars. Anything is possible, the world of crypto is unknown and unstoppable, only way to find out is to forge ahead. If you believe it in, then make it your hobby, or make it a point to join us, if you doubt it, then sell your XYO and buy some other ERC20, everything has risk, is all about how you will be affected by it or affect it to your advantage. I am no way connected to XYO by a job, a friend or a family member, these are my own opinions and I do not work for them. Maybe they will offer me a job…but I wouldn’t say if they did! Have a great day and hope you found this somewhat helpful!



Well you have a lot of questions and you have a lot of venting to do and you might want to direct it to customer service that XYO with Jonathan he can take care of all your questions there as well as Jasmine just be nice please

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This reminds me of XYO developers:

When I see this kind of shit; it only pisses me off more. How the fuck can I apply for a job when there isn’t a submit button after I fill in all the information?

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@KaptKos lol your like always angry, it was just your browser, switch to Chrome Dev or Chrome Beta, or Use TorFox or A Firefox Nightly build.


never angry; just a drunken sailor :blush: thanks for the info. however; as a programmer, i wouldn’t release an application that didn’t function on all web browsers.

I filled out the entire form and there’s no submit button? wtf??? :persevere:

Are you on your phone or tablet filling it out? Sometimes I have to turn my phone or tablet sideways and it shows the submit buttons. It’s like they didn’t design the website to be used with phones. Just thought I’d mention it since I’ve run into problem with other websites.



I’ve been a programmer for 20+ years. this issue should be #1 priority before releasing software to the public

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I only know enough about computers to give IT job security. :grimacing:


the fact that after 20-25 minutes of filling out the form and there’s no way to submit the info; it pissesd me off :clock130: is money!


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I’d rather deal with computers than people after my days in the Navy.

I can get away with smashing my laptop or tablet for being stupid; however, if a smash a stupid human I could go to jail.


I can understand your frustration


Reconcatlord ,
You are a dedicated follower I’ll give you that. Unfortunately… buying after gamma gives you zero credibility in my eyes to answer my questions.
There was a point in xyos short life that telegram was the only way to communicate with members and employees. The mutiny happened after extending the ico. Offering free tokens to spacial attendees. Offering 200 million more than initially announced. Blocking its most loyal and bought in users for losing it in Scott on telegram.
Learn more about the history
Comma members did and do work with xyo I was wondering how many are now involved and you saying it’s not a recognized group just shows how very little you know about them being offered free tickets to spacial and negotiating discounted token rates with the team…
I wish you and your investment luck kid. Obviously I frigging sold the majority of my xyo. There is not one person not in the red since idex 1/2 price sales do to the billions of free tokens handed out and not locked during the ico .
Stocks… please pleas please don’t waste your money

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@Cryptonaught Well I will say you definitely made my day…I haven’t been called Kid in a very long time, but I do work very hard to stay young looking and take care of myself, I’m 39 years old, was NYPD for 4 years and now in the Army for 12, so I will say thank you Sir, that made me smile lol. I’m sorry you feel that way that I have no credibility because I couldn’t purchase during the Gamma, I was in a combat zone so wasn’t fortuitous for me at the time. If getting tokens a couple months a head of me makes you more credible, then I don’t know what to say to help out, which was my intention. I was on the Telegram actually went it all went down, had the same screen name I have now, it was one of the only ways I could communicate was using Telegram to talk to family and friends at the time, that’s what got me involved with XYO a fellow soldier on the Telegram channel. I honestly wish you would stay and not have sold your tokens. I know Comma members did work with XYO, but it has become very much a developers community more than an investors right now. There are members of this community who have not bought any tokens, but are way more valued for there expertise in devops, coding and debugging and hardware, then someone who can just buy a bunch of tokens. Yes I am in the Red also, but I expected to be, this has never been done before, Tesla has never been in the black either, just for a comparison. Of course I want token value to increase, there is way more chance it will grow then deflate in the next year or so, but honestly I care more about the tech, money is great, but not what brought me here and motivates me. You are right I did not know I could get free tickets to Spatial, wouldn’t of helped at the time, I could’t fly in from where I was at to attend it. The stocks…I know exactly what you mean, I got my series 7 and series 63 long time ago under UBS Painwebber; but thats like 20 years ago. I feel like you haven’t given it a chance yet, there is so much room for more accomplishments, milestones and development. Some of us here including myself, literally use our free time to work on Archivist builds, learning new code, finding issues and reporting them to the XYO devs on Gitter. This is def a medium to long term hold and I can’t see it not happening once bound witnessing and matrix app dashboard start to really be opened to the public who are not techy or investors, just the average person. It actually bothers me to see someone give up on this, because I guess I have so much faith in it, I feel like your missing out on something that could be huge and not just for the financial aspect of it. But bottom line, I got involved mainly due to the present tech, the blockchain movement, and wanting to be apart of a new emerging type of tech, what I feel blockchain, dapps, dat://, and other distributed data is going to do for Pentesting, computer forensics, open source intelligence, security and military/defense, finances and a million other sectors; so I guess maybe why I am so enthusiastic about it. Well no hard feeling whatsoever, I wish you luck also, and hope maybe you will stick around, not sure if you are totally exiting or just leaning out your investment. Thanks for writing back




NYPD? I know the organization is huge; however, you ever encountered my Jarhead friend who is now with NYPD? David Echert.

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Thank you for your service.
People like you are why xyo churns my stomach.
You sound like a good person… I hate to see good people be taken advantage of
I hope that your long term hold works… I Honestly do for the people like you.


Greed is what made them go bankrupt! Plus the fact that they tried to send the FBI after me for their own faults!

Long story; however,. I still hold my innocence. thanks

Awesome thanks…