What does 20k coin give

Hi close to 20k what does it give money wise. Is it paid in $ or £? And what is the best wallet?
Thanks in advance

Gday cheesy1 ,It varies as do all cryptos.

Simply check coin marker cap to find out today’s price but let time I checked $0.003 us. I would hold them for the short to long term. They should go up over time. And can be used for staking in the future.
Thier are some suggestions from XYO on wallets on the forum.

Hope this helped a little.


Thanks Geooz it did so currently £60 not bad at all for free. The coins apparently expire after a year. How do you expect them to go up?

I think COINs expire if never withdrawn, but once you do, they basically get redeemed for XYO crypto that you store in your own wallet. You can sell those immediately on an exchange but really not worth it at current prices. It’s a much better value proposition to HODL given there’s very little cost associated with obtaining them right now and you’re really not out much if they go belly up. Potential upside far outweighs any downside in my opinion.

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As they are famous for saying in XRP community, “20K can be life changing” :rofl:

Thanks Ryan