What are your Geomining Tips and Best Practices?


What are you finding that works to getting the most rewards? I like having 2 or more sentinels with me because I hate dropping connection when approaching a high traffic/populated area.

Do you let COIN mine while you sleep?

Where are you placing sentinels?

What about mailing an envelope to a friend with a sentinel inside with e return mailer back to you via cheapest postage rate. Curious what you can collect on that route.

I’ve taken public rail and Amtrak recently and got some surprising 16.00+ coin rewards (along with some sub 1.00 rewards :).



  • 2 or more Sentinels with you at all times :white_check_mark:
  • Mine while you sleep :bed: :white_check_mark:
  • Mine while you travel :steam_locomotive: :white_check_mark:
    All great ideas :bulb:

Sentinel in the Mail :package: :x:
I don’t believe this will get you any coin right now, maybe in the future?


I keep a few sentinels with me at all times. I still run into connection losses but better more than less.

Definitely always Mining while traveling.

Still unsure what pays off more, auto mining or manual. With auto I get squares of 19.xx tops. Manual I’ve gotten 46.xx But the earnings per hour seems equal.

I keep forgetting to mine while I sleep!! Thanks for the reminder! Usually get about 150-200 a night.


I’ve had my phone on constantly ever since the coin app came out. Even had it mining at night before I had the auto mine with a servo hooked up to a touch pen that would activate every four minutes and hit the mine button. Used an Arduino uno with the servo sweep program to control it at night. I bought a twelve volt car charger for when I’m traveling. A power brick to use when out for a walk or driving a tractor without a twelve volt receptacle. I found out that the direct USB hookups in my vehicles don’t keep up with my phones power usage when mining constantly. I try to keep at least two sentinels with me but where I am at I think one would be enough but worry that one’s battery might die on me.

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I definitely mine while traveling, have one on car keys which goes one way with my significant other and a couple with me and two dead batteries that stay home lol. A couple travel with relatives. I don’t feel I’m really getting anything other than with the ones directly in range of the coin app. I mine at night if I remember and also while at work. The most I’ve gathered in one shot was 18 I think. Would be great to have the ability to look back in mining history @scott. It’s interesting to see a small amount mined and travel the exact same place and find a large amount.

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Trying lowering the screen brightness to save battery and get ahead on charging.


I have a space tablet mining 24/7. It’s catching up to my cell phone which I pretty much use only when traveling. I find that slow traffic, 10 MPH or less is efficient to mine every square lol

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I tried lowering the screen brightness when traveling but as I stated above the direct USB hookups in my vehicles apparently don’t put out enough juice when my phone is constantly using the GPS function especially on long trips. Thus the twelve volt adapter which works fine. I haven’t checked them out with a volt meter but know that the USB hookups don’t work that great with phones or tablets running apps.

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I had a new Samsung galaxy note overheated on a recent drive of 680km.
So hung it near the a/c vent😄


Here in Michigan, with construction season about to start, I may be able to mine every square for 50 miles each way on my daily commute. Might be the first time I don’t invent new swear words for the construction. :smile:


Yep I’ve used air vents with AC to cool my phones down in long drives, great hack :+1:

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I drive route and I keep my phone at 100% all day. One sentinel in my pocket. 2 in my backpack. Sometimes I’ll drop one off at a customer and I’ll come back and pick it up cuz I had to go back to make a delivery. I leave one at work in the office. I do about 180 stops a day. I’m getting Brown witnesses like crazy. Also have one at home and got my father and my nephew strapped with one Sentinel, and I have them mine for me as well.:grinning:

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I’m assuming that you meant Bound Witnesses. But that confuses me! how are you tracking those?

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The way i am tracking them,i have the xyo network app (android) on my pad,an on my phone.My phone has coin installed an the pad dose not,(they talk to each other?) I was able to get three sentinals in before they shut it down network app.(this is what im guessing) i have over two thousand bound witnesses on bridge,before i started using phone an pad.cause the bridge stopped working.I do not know what all the bound witnessess is going to do for me? hopr thid helpd.

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Yes, now I understand! Thanks for the thoughtful reply!

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