What are we mining for right now?

This may be a question asked and answered somewhere but I did look through a lot of posts before making this one. I have mined over 10000 on COIN app. What is it good for or can it be exchanged for something? Or are we just trying it out in futility? Is it actually worth anything right now?

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You are mining XYO, which is an ERC20 token. Its worth .00269 $ at this moment.

How can I transfer it to my wallet?

There is a withdrawal option if you tap where your balance is shown. There is a 10000 min withdrawal limit though.

Thanks. That was too easy.

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It wasn’t easy for me I tried to do it and they said they’d get back to me. That was two days ago.
Can you explain how to do this?

Trust wallet has XYO in it.@galanm05

They (COIN) keep telling me that my KuCoin wallet address is invalid!!!