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Dan from telegram first one in!


Hell yes! Good to see you here Dan The Man! :grinning:


Let’s get this thing up and running!

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Hi everyone. This is one of my favorite projects.


Hell yes! We’ll be blasting this out soon :slight_smile:

I’ve always preferred conversations via message board format for some reason. It’s as old as the internet, but very effective way of conversing around topics, imo :slight_smile:


Hi everybody!
Glad to see this new community forum!
To the moon with XYO!


Thanks big guy. Its looking good so far grest work :+1:

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Awesome! Glad to be here! This looks great.


It’s about time… Been waiting for this to come online. Hopefully i’ll be able to find me a developer or two for my upcoming real world use case trials… Stoked about this ENTIRE project.

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Soooo, you have an app in development yet for the XYO Community? Not that you guys and girls dont have enough to do already… :joy::rocket::rocket::rocket:

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Hey guys… glad to be here!


This is gonna be great! Love the community, culture, and the whole concept. All in, doubles down hodl’ing on. This is the future!


XYO XYO !!! This is where reddit/telegram/tiwtter/insta will all meet !!


Definitely, that’s the plan! :wink:

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I’m here because I think that this is one of the very few tokens (DPLs are a different matter) that could gain any traction at all in the real world. I’m only invested in 2 other tokens although I do a fair amount of trading just for the sport. If nano is face to face currency - this is a online shopping/receipt of goods currency (I know XYO can do more than this but as far as I am concerned that is just an added bonus). My only concern is Ethereum - way too slow for the real world. I know you have made tentative support for EOS which is a smart move as it is probably the only operational DPL with a semi-decent TPS - just the governance needs clearing up - a smart move. Best fit would probably be IOTA as it will be a system integrated into city infrastructure which is what XYO will need to be. Unfortunately IOTA is a long way from getting anything close to usable yet. The other one would be Hedera which, looking at their testnet operations with the US Credit Unions (they beat hyperledger to that contract which is damned impressive), will mean that all blockchains will be old tech. The people in charge of that project might be hicks but they are very smart hicks. Again have to wait on that one.

The only problem is that you need to get listed on something more solid than an 0x/Ether Dex before you take the leap off Ethereum. Oh and I know that you can’t and should not respond to this so I wish you all the best.


Hello everyone. Happy to be a part of the project. Lots of hope and well wishes for u guys. Thanks for providing the platform too. It shows, u guys care for the partners particularly those from ico who believed and relied on u.
3 cheers for Scott and the team.


Zuriel from Alaska here! Struggling to make enough to buy a kit but once/if I do it is ON! Lookin forward to this guys!!


The way I found XY and XYO was because I was looking for a way for my dad to keep track of my mum. My mum has always been so independent and has a strong character. That has served her well throughout her entire life as a missionary in South America. However, it is not doing well for her now in her older years. She tends to get a bit confused after all she is in her eighties. She wants to be independent but can’t. I was looking for something dad could pull up, an APP, and find her. I had bought a “finder” but it’s range was only around 50 yards and it’s battery was not as good. It also works on Blue tooth but nothing else.
I live in Pennsylvania but born in Peru, raised in Chile, went to some high school in N. Carolina, and graduated in the Philippines. I have triple nationality, British, Peruvian, and US. My parents live in Scotland where I visit yearly.


Hello Community
The way I found XYO, was cause they partnered with my job. Now I will be long term shareholder, token, and Bridge if someone can please tell me if Bridge A is more powerful?