Want a shot at a free sentinel? Time for a giveaway. We have a winner (contest over)

I have an extra sentinel (I have way too many of them). So lets have a contest. Going out of town this weekend. Going from Chicago to Nashville and back on Monday. One way is about 500 miles (mostly rural travel). Anytime I’m driving the COIN app will be on.
Right now I have 5226.38 XYO on the screen.

What will my total be Monday when I return? Whoever guesses closest without going over WINS!! If everyone goes over the closest wins.

I will ship the sentinel to the winner (yes, anywhere in the world).

Good luck and have fun!!


9362 :grin: This is hoping for some good hits and no dead zones

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i say you end up with over 10k after the trip… so 10,879.01 is my guess. But I’ve noticed that when I’m in a new area i often get some big hits, so really it could be anything. Will be really interested in your results, be sure to record the actual total mileage. Be sure to also bring (at least) a second sentinel with you in case one dies along the way.

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Good idea, I hadn’t though of that.

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Drive by some airports and Costcos.

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Hmmmm - 8462

I believe you have to get 10,000 before they begin to be counted for you, so hopfully you’ll hit the mark… I’ll say you will get that amount plus.

12,345- good luck!


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Have a good weekend!

14234, good trip

12766 - safe travels!

Top coin get yesterday was 16.05

6716-good luck

7777 is my bet

2700 yea good trip

  1. Don’t think it will get big numbers…,



Have a good and safe trip!