Voting Use Case


In the recent Election we all saw a lot of, for lack of a better term, FUD news based off of voting discrepancies. I’m not sure of a great way that XYO could intervene what with being location based, but I’m sure somebody could figure that out :wink:


We had a bad run of luck here in Broward County, FL during the vote count of the mid-term elections. And that’s putting it nicely!!

Timing is everything! Could this be an opportunity for XYO?

If so, please contact 954-357-7050 and

They need a new method because the old one doesn’t work. Brenda Snipes resigned after 20 years and a new supervisor is being recruited now.

This could be huge! Florida has a new governor too.

I am a token and stock holder and XYO is my biggest investment and favorite project in cryptoland.

Thank you.

Mark T. Wilgus

Coral Springs, FL


I second this idea!


Bound witness for elections in countries with rigged elections would change things up.