VIP Operation Big Boy


I’m so bummed. I had to get an earlier flight and miss most of the VIP bunch. I was very much looking forward to the presentation.

Attached is a photo of me taking my depressing ride away from XYO HQ! I had a chance to say hi to dev guy Carter. Anything you can share with me (and other VIP purchasers) that couldn’t attend the entire brunch event regarding BIG BOY.

Thanks for Spatial. Can’t wait for next year. Can’t wait to participate in the network.

And I’m looking to contribute to how we might more easily integrate additional heuristics into the network and generically view any set of data. I’ve got some use cases that I’ll be sharing shortly. I’m mech/aero by education. Aerospace by trade. I work with data, data redux, trends, correlations, and model creation based on empirical data sources. I’m MATLAB Guy. Ask Carter.

Cory, XYO Fanboy, XY shareholder, StatusQuoKiller, MATLAB Guy.