Use cases are great but Contracts are ‘greater’


Hey admin , or Scott any comment on the prioritization of sales at XYO? I was wondering if your in an active sales phase or if your waiting until some point? You seem to rock marketing and tech but most companies sales is a massive component often over 30%… I think the backlash over vaporware this year was significant and investors are aware. Even more important than listings for continued momentum this year may be showcasing actual contracts as use cases will only cut it for so long. Look at the multi-billion dollar ICOs with amazing use cases that never booked a sale last year. Love them or hate them Ripple has done amazing since it’s mentioned actually customers using its products and willing to pay ripple. I am genuinely interested in where sales priority ranks at XYO or if it’s too early in your opinion?
*** Just to be clear, I know XYO is not vaporware. All the gains and progress are beyond impressive, I just haven’t heard a lot about if sales is a priority at this stage. I feel like the most common question on new projects is how much real life income can they generate. This year investors may be much more cautious on projects because of the massive amount of underperforming projects in the last two years. I am very positive on XYO ***

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