Updates from the Dev Cave: Double Round Trip Around the Network Edition!


The most exciting bit (to me, at least):

XYO Network: Sentinels, Consensus, and writing to the blockchain!

We are super excited about the upcoming two weeks because we believe we are far enough along to roundtrip the entire network.

Meaning, we’ll be able take a Sentinel to Sentinel interaction, have it bridged up to our Archivist network, and then make it available to be queried by our Diviners. Even more exciting — once the Diviners have come to consensus on the query, we are then able to write the outcome of that query to the blockchain via our Simple Consensus Smart contract. More on that to come!

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I would like to suggest XYO reach out to Peer Mountain for possible partnering PLEASE!!!
I love you guys


We’ll look into this! If you have a contact there, send me a private message or email me at johnny@xyo.network so we can get in touch.


https://youtu.be/DDx2hmbJuZQ Here’s the link I found out about Peer Mountain during this live discussion on Crypto Crow’s talk with CEO Jed Grant. A must watch




Hi johnny! here’s a video Reggie Middleton explaining how his VeritaseumGold will work. I think it’s fabulous crazy and I think also XYO could somehow be involved…like for tracking the gold location at all times. Reggie is at World Crypto Con right now and this discussion was his private room today.