Update on satelite?

On December 11 you announced that XYO was going into space and that the planning is at the end of 2019! You then indicated in an article that you would keep us informed of this unique project every month! Since then, really no information has been released about this project, perhaps it is now time to provide more information about it! How are we doing, are we still on schedule, what are the latest developments, things like that !!


Hello Ertjuhhhhh and thank you for your post!

We appreciate you following the announcements and love it when we hear from newly active community members.

We’ve still got a contract and plans with the satellite / space / orbit partners, yet the timing has been pushed back to meet everyone’s needs. There is no concrete update to provide just yet so we have held off on providing no-answer type updates that people wouldn’t appreciate.

Please stay tuned for news or updates as we have them, related to space and in other cool areas, like additional types of sensors…Light, temperature, humidity, etc.

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Ok cool whos going where plenty of room for all 7.3 billion people and people wont be so angry we are now moving into Jetsons from the flintstones …

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