Update for Founding HODL’ers!


XYO update for everyone. Specifically on price.

We had a record-setting week in terms of technology (code pushes, velocity) and product sales.

To our XYO Founding HODL’ers, Two Comma Club members and those with us since Token Sale! This is for you…

Next week we’ll be turning our attention to our XYO Founding HODL’ers, you are at the forefront of our mind. Next week we’ll roll out the details to some long-lingering items.

We formed an internal working group yesterday. Our top secret, but not so secret name: Team XET (pronounced “zit”). I’ll keep the members confidential.

Bottom line we’re focused on rolling out the plan regarding the Gamma Stage Tokens and the FHR.

This group is focused on the XYO Token Economy.

The goal is to model the economy in a way that encourages hodling/staking XYO.

It will officially address whether you should keep your XYO in your FHR wallet or not. There was earlier confusion about this, and I myself didn’t even have a final idea on this, but we’ll cover this next week and finally clarify things. In brief, the H in the FHR stands for FHR for a reason: to encourage and incentivize HODL’ing. We’ll discuss this next week.

I think covering this next week will help XYO’s price and token economy. Even though it’s silly to talk price so early as it’s just a voting machine in the short-term, IMO, the price is low now due to low volume and due to uncertainty around these items (Gamma Tokens and FHR).

Will address and outline this upcoming week.

Last, the current XYO Package released Thursday is a one-time package to really jump start our network with geominers via our cryptoeconomic reserve. We never intend to price that XYO that low again. Rather we plan to price it much higher than GAMMA Sale prices and likely follow a natural exponential growth curve of pricing that mirrors a seemingly natural high-growth law (like Moore’s Law) — in which data processing doubles every 18 months. But something tied closer to data growth/the nature of our network.

Our data scientist is helping us deaign this and the first test/details will be unveiled next week.

HODL. We got this! #XYO #FoundingHODL’ers

For the record, both Arie and I have never sold a single XYO. I’ve only bought more. I believe in our community and network. More than ever.

Stay tuned.


Great news


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Pizzamind stated in the telegram group that for the current Crypto Packages the XYO tokens are “locked for staking”.

What does this actually mean? The sales page makes no mention of the locking and it would be nice to know what limits are placed on the tokens before we actually purchase a package.


Would like to know more on this. What kind of locking?

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In the current XYO Package and for default Mainnet, the unstaking period takes 5 days.

In the next set of XYO Packages, minimum staking period will likely be 12 months. Meaning anyone who purchases XYO from the Cryptoeconomic Reserve (at a higher price than GAMMA) will be HODL’ing for at least 12 months.

This reduces circulating supply and increases incentives for the users of the network to also be owners of the network.

Will release more details next week.

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what is the 2 comma club?


The most badass group of XYO HODL’ers and earliest die hards.


@steve8143 – 2 comma club means 2 comma’s in you number of XYO tokens, or more simply you have more than a million XYO


You guys are on like donkey Kong! I’ve been messaging support about this. Was even willing to donate my XYO back to you guys.

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Where do we find this package?

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I have 3s


Thanks for this Scott! Your clarification on all this helped in my decision to double down and buy into that crypto package this morning. Long Live XYO! Looking forward to coming to San Diego soon to meet the team and attend the Geohacker Workshop.


Thanks for all the information my android XYO network at still says software coming am I doing something wrong my Coin app is working fine


Since yesterday was the last chance to get XY Reg “A” shares at $8 a share; does that mean an IPO is in the near future?

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Thanks for the like.

Are you without another?

We Sentinels like to find unbound bridges.


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Just make sure that my true love @Mamahunnybee don’t find out about us. :sweat_smile::joy:

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I was just planning to buy XYO on the exchanges from those selling. I was hoping to get to 1-million from that and from mining. I own four bridges and 32 sentinels so at this point I would get more equity if that comes open again, and I just want to mine, and maybe build an archivist machine and then maybe a diviner. I think it is a wonderful opportunity to participate in accumulating XYO by participating in the network’s operations as this thing comes alive.


I don’t think I’m anyone’s true love :face_with_raised_eyebrow: I’m going to be one of those crazy cat ladies :smile_cat::smiley_cat::cat2: Only I plan to have a clean house. GOALS!


Am I not getting all XYO’s emails? What Package. I was just about to start searching for some coins to buy. Clue me in as I try to follow everyday on different posts. I knew you guys were doing great things.


@Rustlerup head to www.xyo.network and you’ll see a pop-up message asking if you’d like to get regular emails from our colleague Mike to keep you in the know. Just sign up there. You’ll like the content—it’ll keep you up to speed on what we’re doing.

If you want to see our appearances in the media head to www.xyo.network/in-the-news for the latest, and all official press releases are kept here, including today’s: https://www.xyo.network/press-release

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