United kingdom users

Just wondering how many kits / users in uk if any? If in UK whereabouts?


I have ordered a mining kit which should be on its way to sunny Glasgow soon! :grinning:

I see from another thread that you are in Northumberland, Geobow? :slight_smile:

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Yep Northumberland. No urgency for kit as we have no date when this is going live. Hope it’s soon or XYO give an appropriate date for launch.Was expecting it to be December.

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Welcome from Geobow, Alnwick.
Note. Your kit will probably come with an American 2flat pin power plug. You’ll need an American to UK 3 pin adaptor or a Samsung phone charge lead (mini usb to usb) if you have one.

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Nice one!

Thanks very much, Geobow.

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And I have one here in North East Wales

Great. That makes 4 that I know of.
Sure there’s a lot more.

I have a kit here in Bedford, came about a month ago, finally wrestling with firmware updates.

Hi Philip in Bedford
Thats 5 of us in the UK so far. Good luck with the firm ware up date. I think theres another update due soon.

George in Alnwick

Thanks George,
The updates have been a real pain using the bridge. I’ll wait for the iOS app and next round of firmware updates I think.

Hey all just waiting for mine to be delivered, I’m not very tec savy so might need help setting up. Anyone earning money yet?
I’m based in Cheshire office in North East Wales

Initially I’m going to use my phones (As sentinals) and tablet (As bridge) to try this out… But when I have mined enough xyo to aford one I’ll order the kit (long term unemployed means little money). I live in mid Wales, a small university town called Aberystwyth. I was a bit shocked today when I was volunteering in oxfam and found a 4th device being picked up, I’m assuming 2 were my phones, 1 was my tablet, but either there was a bug or another being used in the tinny town with a population of under 20,000. In the last video they said they’d show us how to mine this, but that was over a week ago.

Welcome Cheesy1. You make 6 of us in UK that I know of. Hoping there’s a lot more.
No one making money yet as it’s still in beta trial and no idea when it’s going live. So no urgency, we have to be patient and wait for XYO to update us.
Good luck.

@Geobow Wedensday… its going live wedensday.

Hip hip

Thanks Geobow gonna set mine up today ready for Wed.

Hi Geobow, I am based in Oxfordshire, so that brings us to 7.

Hi need some advice got my geomining kit but not got uk plug. If i have a converter plug is this ok to use dont want to blow it up Thanks

I have never blown up any american devices by using a british converter… but i don’t actually have an xyo bridge so… but in the past the main thing to make certain of is it’s AC not DC. If it’s DC you’d need a diffrent adapter.

Welcome Humbata Lucky 7