Unable to invest need help

Here’s the deal. I have all the various accounts set up but my deposit keeps getting rejected. I know nothing about investing but I think I know enough about online banking, purchasing, etc that I should be able to make a deposit but it’s not happening. Second issue I don’t know what I’m doing as far as what to purchase. Third and biggest issue is I lost my job, laid off from a technical support job and I have virtually enough money to pay bills. Nothing to get kids ready for next school year, no savings, no emergency money, zip. I did get my sentinel ordered but it has not arrived so I’m playing coin with no device yet but still collecting small amounts, it’s something!! I honestly have about 50-60 I can let go of and will be eating top roman this week and that’s okay because I want at least a share. I have missed out on opportunities like this before and if I could just catch one little break what a difference it could make for me. I will get a job soon I’m sure. The fact remains though I still don’t know what to do and I still need help depositing. I tried purchasing with cc and bank account and no success with either. Would welcome any help.
Thanks in advance!

Seems there are a lot of things going on around you so hope that this information is helpful.

First, many banks/credit cards will automatically decline attempts to purchase cryptocurrency or related items such as Coin Plus or Coin Pro. You will need to call customer support, explain the situation and ask them to allow the transaction.

Next, XYO is in an early stage and will take some time for the technology to evolve. At this point a single sentinel is what you need for 12x XYO token collecting. Evaluate if a subscription plan is suitable for you budget. Follow the price of XYO on cryptocurrency exchanges for a guide to its current value.

As a community, geohackers see the long-term potential for XYO, but there are no guarantees so evaluate your own risk tolerances. Hopefully things will improve for you in the job market and reply if you need more information.


Thank you for the support and information! It is greatly appreciated. I will call my bank and make sure they are not rejecting it. Optimistic about the job, I know I am qualified and something will come along. Take Care!

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So I was able to deposit on another site and my bank allowing transactions, so I am doing something wrong here. I want to purchase slc but can’t seem to get it done. I sure would love if someone who knows what to do and is not too busy and wouldn’t mind helping me out.

Hi @tgm63 :wave:
Great to have you here, sorry to hear about the job, got my fingers crossed for you :crossed_fingers:
@Tmmike gave some fantastic advice above and I personally would say that unless you have money to burn :fire::dollar::fire: then the Best way for you to get on the XYO Train :steam_locomotive: is to concentrate on collecting using the Coin App.
Can I ask…
a) Have you acquired a Sentinel yet?
B) “I want to purchase slc” - What is slc?

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