UK HELP needed please

Hi need some advice got my geomining kit but not got uk plug. If i have a converter plug is this ok to use dont want to blow it up

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I bought an adapter for the us plug but I’m now using my samsung charge cable.
Works fine.

Thanks how do you connect to a laptop use ethernet or HDMI?

I’m not sure you can connect to a laptop. I didn’t have any luck trying.

As far as I have always heard, you need a monitor or TV, a USB keyboard and a USB mouse. That’s how mine is set up.

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Thanks Billy. Do i connect to monitor and purchase usb mouse & keyboard and connect to PC will that not confuse the PC? Can you not just use the App on mobile phone?


Yes, in terms of the COIN app I think you just need a mobile phone and a sentinel, I don’t see that the bridge does anything.

In terms of the XYO Network, I’m not totally sure if you can just use a mobile phone as a bridge instead of the mining kit bridge. I suspect so, but I’m a bit unclear on this.

If you want to use your XYO bridge you need to buy a USB keyboard and mouse (you can get these for under £10 in PC World). Connect these straight to the bridge along with a TV /monitor. Don’t try to connect to your PC at all.

Thanks Billy. Has anyone had a Sentinal in there pack which wont turn on?

Not had this problem myself but have you tried replacing the battery :battery:?

I had one not working until I fitted new battery.
Firmware updated to XY4xx on most sentinels but couple stuck on XY4x
George in Northumberland

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hi I think you are correct in all your assumptions