UK 3 pin wall sockets at 240 vol

Anyone in UK with mining kit?
How have you connected the fitted 2 flat pin plug on the bridge to our Three pin 240v sockets?
Any advice greatfully received. Thanks
Have a great Christmas and a XYO profitable new year

Can’t even plug mine in


You need a travel adapter kit as though you were an American housewife on holiday with nowhere to plug her hair dryer!
The power supply (transformer) is configured for U.S. wall outlets. The power supplies themselves are auto-switching, according to the label on it. It can use anywhere from 100-240V at either 50 or 60 Hz. So a simple adapter from 2 slot prong 120V “Edison” type connector to your standard, whatever they call the 3 pin 240V UK connector. You can get one on eBay if not the local electronics store. It’s just a {EDIT} 5V, 2.5A alternating current power supply that terminates in a micro-USB plug (a very important distinction) to power the Raspberry PI from a wall transformer. A very common item at stores that carry electronic devices. Any UK made wall transformer that uses the micro USB connector for the XYO Bridge and meets the above specs will work fine.


Thats a good place to start , their fairly low priced

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Many thanks guys. Ordered adaptor on-
Hope you had a great Christmas and have a great NewYear

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