Tracking Medicine

There are a lot of conditions that require medicine for people to survive. My kid has a condition that could be life threatening if he doesn’t have his medicines on him at all times. It requires enough supplies that he needs to carry a small backpack. But kids, being kids, don’t always remember to bring everything with them on the bus between school and home. Also, a “distance beacon” of sorts to track how far away he is from his bag to prevent it from being left behind. So peace of mind for people who forget their medicine somewhere would be if they are able to track these things. It would be so much less stressful if I had a way to look up where he left his bag with his supplies in it rather than driving around and calling school, bus station, etc and back-tracking with him where it’s at.

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This is a great combination of a really broad use case - tracking a kid’s bag - and a really specific need - do they have their meds? It’s also something that XYO is uniquely suited towards due to the proximity aspect. Love it!

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