Totally Smart Links Page

I have come across some very good links to relevant information here and other members blogs, YouTubes, etc. but I don’t have them all written down or saved.:slightly_frowning_face: It would be nice to have a page that lists some of the best informational links. I would like them to be fully vetted so we don’t have a bunch of malvertising or hijacking the script for other junk. What do you all (or y’all for our members further south) think?

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@galanm05 YES, that is an amazing idea, I will create this today!!! Please feel free to send me any links you think would be good in it, I will try to organize it into sections for like Help, Blockchain, Mining, Dapps, Experimental/Academic, Deals, Important Info! All the links that I will provide will be from vetted recognizable sites, nothing phisy or loaded with evil scripts. Again, Awesome Idea!



Great idea. Once that list is compiled, we’ll post and sticky it here for easy finding.