Time to verify a validation

I know that they plan on using the mining kits with Bluetooth. This would mean placing the mining chips in locations with heavy traffic will generate a higher return. However, I am curious what is the time delay between authentication between them. For example, if I placed one of these under a bridge on a busy highway, would a passing car have enough time to initiate a proper verification as typically Bluetooth is hit or miss as is. Can someone give me possibly the estimated time that the two would need to be within range of one another in order to complete a proper verification?

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As of today we are requiring at least 4 sec to initiate the bluetooth connection and begin the data transfer. Depending on how much data and the quality of the connection the time it takes to complete the entire block transfer the total interaction could vary. As bluetooth technology improves we will see shorter and shorter initialization times.

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I love close to address and red to know if tokens will read when moving at 70mph or would it have to be used on the on/off ramps and roll booths are we in talks to airports to place readers of will that be up to us to get them in place at his stations airports ?

Since it will take a couple seconds for the interaction to occur, I doubt there would be connections made between a stationary device and a car going 70.

We’ve definitely been exploring use cases for airports and how to make that happen.

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Sorry but on my tablet it is hard for me to edit or even proof read before I post

They use iPass near Chicago for automatic payment for tolls. Why doesn’t XYO use RFID instead of Bluetooth?

Not with Bluetooth; that’s why I’m wandering why they don’t use RFID???


Use RFID if you want to succeed!!!