The XYO Founders Token. An NF token for the Founding Registry hodlers

Dear XYO team, you rock!

I have a proposal, create an NF (non-fungible) token for the Founding Registry hodlers, the XYO Founders Token . As appreciation for their early contribution to XYO.

Just a thought… :slightly_smiling_face:


No? Not even a reaction from the team or any admins?

Seems like XYO is slowly dying here.

Trying to stay alive by selling packages and Coin app subscriptions, even though the funds collected through the successful ICO and Gamma Sale should have been enough to launch their product, the XYO Network.

But there is still no commercially viable network… And all ICO investors have seen, is their investment vaporized by 80+%.

So at least XYO could try to keep their investors happy, by actively reacting to people reaching out on this forum… and for instance, creating a NFT for XYO founders.

Any comments Team XYO? @scott @arietrouw

No one from XYO seems to be monitoring these forums.

That does sadly seem to be the case. I have posted a message to the admins in the Regulars Lounge requesting that some suitable persons be given moderator privileges. Not sure I’d want it personally though as I don’t have any experience.