The Dracarys Plan: A Proposed Model Update to XYO Cryptoeconomics 2.0


XYO Community!

I’m writing this to you on a flight from New York back to San Diego.

The team has had an amazing experience at Consensus New York for Blockchain Week.

Markus and I were invited to Nasdaq’s New York Offices to film a segment on XYO!

We’ll be sending out some highlights and updates on our trip very soon!

However, I’m writing to you specifically about a different item. It’s something, which I believe will be great for the XYO Token Economy.

I would love your feedback on it.

I have just posted an update we are considering testing called “The Dracarys Plan” (i.e. it involves burning XYO). In the world of cryptoeconomics, burning tokens is good news typically. (Doesn’t involve burning an entire kingdom including civilians to the ground cough The Mad Queen cough).

Here is the post. Please review this and let us know if you have any comments!


I like the idea of burning some of the tokens. But maybe a combination:

  1. Burning tokens
  2. Partial staking for tokens purchased directly from XYO (Whatever was purchased, 50% needs to be staked. That way they can trade the other 50% if they want to. You can offer a bonus for those who decide to stake 100% of tokens instead)

I am not an expert in this area but I believe if the folks you are consulting with feel these ideas are for the better of the network and of the community, you should most certainly implement them. It sounds like you and Arie have given this much thought so I feel like these ideas will be profitable for us all. Thank you for all of your hard work. I believe in you and I believe in XYO.


I agree that burning tokens will generally benefit most. I like Silk’s idea of a reward for staking 100% of purchased toke instead of it being mandatory. Forcing 100% of purchased tokens to be staked while potentially beneficial to the network, would ultimately deter some from purchasing/investing IMO.

Regardless, I love that you all are making it a discussion, as it should be.

“Rock on Arie, Party on Scott” :wink:


Not sure. You are the expert. I know this. CZ does it. I would think you want to be better than best, like me. When you run with the big dogs, you do what they do right, and for the same reasons, right? I’m pretty sure you know what’s right Scott. Time will prove it true. Praying for you and your team. I know what y’all are doing will change the world :earth_americas:. Most people are short sighted. I’m increasing my position everyday. God bless.


@scott There is a concern that the sell of may take too long to bolster interest and investment. I commented on the lime paper post but perhaps the team could consider a 2B burn and a 1:0.5 sell off?
Longer term benefit and generate more immediate interest. The token price must be a consideration to those buying kits/sentinels? If it so low wouldn’t that affect sales and network/mesh adoption?

Thanks for moving forward with this.


@scott Burning tokens (but only if you use a real dragon obviously) is always a good thing, as less supply should increase the price.

But in all honesty, I think more awareness that this is a good asset to trade should be more of a marketing focus. The only thing which so far has worked for price was the Trading-Campaign with the KuCoin listing. These things are expensive, but this had an amazing result out of the gate back then. So maybe more of this with other exchanges might be more important.

Keep up the good work so far regardless, you guys are doing a great job.


It would be a good idea burning 50 million xyo per month for 1 year. Also bringing back the medium article on XYO’s progress every other week would be good. As far as FHR tokens lock up period goes I think 5 years unstaking period is too long maybe 3 years would be better.

Keep up the hard work, you guys XYO team are doing great

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I agree with Armada. Do the burn, but dont let it drag out too long. It’s very exciting to see that the team is concerned about token price. I am very pleased with how well this company is ran and focused, from customer support to company growth you guys are killing it!

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Once you announce that you will be burning coins…it help with the coin price, ( the more the better). Also stacking is good since as we are Loyals, we are Hodling anyway… so Staking is just a continuation to HODL… looking way in to the future. If you have any pending negotiations, release any INFO you can even if a tease…Burn Baby Burn for the time being…


I find it difficult to see the XYO token sinking. I think that can change very quickly when people recognize the utility of the network. I once dropped the word geomining in a telegram group. I was almost thrown out of the group because some thought I would try to promote a scam. Unfortunately, many computers and mobile phones were abused for mining, which throws a bad picture on this term. People first have to realize that geomining has nothing to do with traditional mining, as most people know. The burning of tokens sounds very interesting. You could burn XYO after each transaction or handle it similar to Binance. Whatever! You are the heroes in the history of XYO and I am sure you will do the right thing.

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Go forward with vision never doubt…


Data flow index perfect


There’s so much more wisdom at the table here than than I can offer at the moment, but I’ll share what comes to mind.

While I understand the importance of a burn at some point to increase the value of the coin, I’m not in a huge hurry for it to happen. I’ve noticed in the last 48 hours the blocks of mining have significantly decreased in value. After the big geo-blocks, which were rad beyond description, I’ve had trouble breaking the whole numbers today. I’ve only mined a couple of blocks above 1.0. Most today have been in the range between .05 and .20.

From what I understand, the burn would help accelerate the process of value escalation, but I don’t mind taking time to the summit.

For me XYO represents Freedom. This life is short - and I want to spend most of mine traveling and exploring the world - creating & adding value where I can, and being a “love spreading difference maker.” So, I’ll support whatever choice you are making because I do believe you have the best interest of the shareholders & miners at heart.

The selfish part of me wishes you would wait until I could afford to buy more coins before the value jumps through the roof. But I’m also so grateful for what I’ve already been able to mine - that I’ll be OK with whatever you decide.

How quickly are you all thinking of moving into the plan?

Is there anything you need from us to help? I’ll lend you any creative work I can to help the company. I love this little tribe of familiar strangers. Y’all make me want to head back west to California!

My phone keeps auto correcting sentences here, so if there’s anything weird above - please trust that’s what happened.


I’ve paid attention to the advancements/progress made by the team over the past year, and it’s quite impressive!! The Advisors are all top notch, coming from a variety of disciplines. I believe the decisions that are being made are in the best interest of everyone involved. Thank you for asking for our feedback - it means a lot that you remain open minded to the concerns of the XYO community!!
I agree with the proposals that are being considered, I do, however, agree that the burning shouldn’t be too prolonged. I also like the 70/30 staking mentioned (4&5). Keep up the great work!! The future is ours!!! :sunglasses::+1::pick:


Why hold off creating real token value just to have more time to acquire nickels and dimes? I agree that life is short, and if we want to spend more time doing the things we love, let’s race to the summit. Burn, baby, burn!


:blush: Then Ready, Set, GeO!


I’m still getting up to speed on true comprehension surrounding staking.
Is there something I need to do?
I’m sure there’s a video, which I can search tomorrow. Loved your post, Cari. Whenever I see complaints about the progress, I’m perplexed. None of this is a right, it’s all a privilege. I still give thanks that I was somehow targeted from searches to see the early Facebook ads in the first place. When I bought the mining kit, I considered it a gamble… and I’m really glad for whatever happens, especially if what we’re building can help serve the world in a positive way. #MineOnShineOn


Do it!

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You have done great job. Proceed forward no looking back. Make XYO King!!