Subscriptions and Sentinel Sharing

So, how’s everyone feeling about this new Subscription Plan? Or the Sentinel Sharing scheme?
Anyone buying in?

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Hmm :thinking:
I’m not overly happy with the subscription plan idea, especially as mining :pick: rates seem to have plummeted since they announced them. It would be easy to be very cynical.

I still have faith though and so have signed up to explore it further… so far I am unimpressed as my money :moneybag: has been taken but no clue given as to how to link it to your account?

As for Sentinel sharing?

I’ll try this later when I get home as you need to be near your bridge X.

Does any have any knowledge or experience they can share on these new developments?

Right now the subscription is giving money for ???. I don’t do that. The guaranteed benefits don;t repay the investment so it would be a leap of faith.

Sentinel sharing… not sure. It could be an incentive to spread sentinels which the system needs, it could be a pyramid scheme.

It’s a no for me.

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Keep in mind they need to generate a return profit to keep their employees and continue the work they started. I am not thrilled for the charge especially since I am guessing no more 12xs payout and the app lags quite a bit now. Payout is likely the new system showing on the webpage. Also, I wasn’t aware you had to be near your bridge to share. Wasn’t this just for if you are mining and come close enough contact to another sentinel that you share the square? If sharing requires bridge I am S.O.L since mine stopped working.

They need to generate profit from their claimed project, not by selling fan gear. Currently, they are a fan gear company with a cute game and a lot of “coming soons” but no plan on how to get there but figure out more stuff to sell, like now these bogus subscriptions. All they are really doing is taking away the original promise of free COIN. Now we have to pay for it, currently more than it is worth. Don’t worry about the bridges and the sentinels, there is no network to connect them to, and if there are signs of one, I haven’t seen them, it’s all just talk. These bozos need to get some work done and stop relying on selling their stupid gear to suckers to pay themselves. Speaking of which, in the real business world, company owners pay themselves LAST, not first. This is the worst start-up I have ever seen, borderline criminal, and I’ve seen a lot of failed start-ups, as well as wildly successful ones. This one isn’t a winner. Sorry.

@butterfingers I just check my bridge and it wasn’t up to date. Latest version is 1.0.2
What version was your bridge?
Might be worth re-flashing the SD card…

click the link for latest download and install instructions.

when you look at the footer of your bridge, the version reports as 0.0.67… that is the latest. The 1.0.2 version scheme is just how they wrapped it for downloading the image… don’t know why they chose different numbering, probably a developer vs a marketing person worked on it at the same time… :slight_smile:

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If you look at the XYO network app on your phone, you will see a similar identification scheme. On the phone the VersionName is v1.0.19 and the Version Number is 52 (for android). I suspect that the bridge has the same format. In another post I suggested a XYO Status Page that would track all the versions of the various XYO components and the current release dates.

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