Stopping your Sentinels from Turning Off - Solved!


Hey fellow GeoHackers, OK, so I have the fix to your issues! So I had the same issues on my sentinels (all 16 of them) regardless of what I did…until I did exactly this, and I have been able to replicate the results, so please follow this and let me know if you have success also. This little guide will be wordy but I am trying to explain things in a very detailed manner for those who are not super tech savvy. That being said, there aren’t any instructions that require more than just simple reading and following these directions. Anyone with fingers and who can read should be able to accomplish this. Here are the steps:

  1. First of all disregard what firmware your on, we can work on that issue later, because regardless if I was on .56 or .56, I was able to stop them from turning off.

  2. You will need either a decent size flat head screwdriver or a little pry tool to open your sentinel. Don’t worry, its a very sturdy case and there aren’t any parts that are going to fall apart when you do this. Take the screwdriver or whatever tool you may use (plastic pry tool will do the least markings), and insert it into the small slot you will see on the side of your sentinel. Its a pretty obvious access point, once you insert the tip into the slot, just give it a slight twist each way both Clock and Counter-Clockwise. You should be able to pop the sentinel open or at least breach it open a bit so that you may work the screwdriver around it and pull it apart. You will notice the battery is the only thing that is loose inside, don’t worry it is suppose to be loose like that if the two half’s of the sentinel are not connected. Now take out the battery and leave it out for about 10 seconds at a minimum. Inside the sentinel you will see one half has nothing inside, the other is the micro-board of your sentinel. On that little micro circuit-board you will see a small black button that clicks in and springs back when you press it. Place the battery back in place on top of the little board and hold it into place with your thumb. Make sure the Positive side(+) is up facing you, and the Negative(-) is the side that is down pressed against the circuit-board. You will hear your sentinel spring to life again with a series of beeps. Now press that little black button while keeping the battery in place till you hear some beeps, this is how we know we have the battery back in place and that the battery still has some power in it(if you have your battery correctly placed and still are getting no response from pressing the black button, you may have a dead/dying battery, they can be ordered on eBay and Amazon and are called CR3032)

  3. At this point you are good to replace your two half’s back together. It doesn’t matter if the battery loses contact and the sentinel beeps on and off, just make sure then when you press your two half’s together, you feel it click down into position on all sides and that your button on outside of the sentinel still works and when you press it. You will either here, a short tune, or that quicker sounding noise, like when you pressed that little black button inside. Ok now we are ready for the App/Software activation of your sentinel.

  4. Make sure you have downloaded the latest version of the COIN app from the Google Play or iOS App store depending on your type of device. Now depending on how many sentinels you have this may be pretty easy or little bit harder, but in all pretty easy. Have all your sentinels placed pretty close to your phone/device you downloaded the COIN app on and make sure your Bluetooth is on. Now before you start your COIN app, you are going to press the button on your sentinels twice or more until you get that little quick tone that you will get used to hearing. Do this quickly on all your sentinels before you start the App. Once all your sentinels buttons have been pressed twice we are going to open the COIN App.

  5. Open your COIN app on your device and give it a couple seconds to load up. I am assuming at this point you have already made your account on the app, if not please do this before you run through this process. You will see on the bottom of the COIN app the number of sentinels that your device is seeing, it should may be going up and down and that is OK. At this point you will touch that little bar on the bottom of your app where it shows how many sentinels its seeing. This will open a little pop up window where you will see your device doing two things, seeing sentinels and verifying them. The important thing is the verification. Now the number of sentinels you see it seeing is not as important as the number it verifies. It may take 1 to 3 minutes but…you should see the number of verified sentinels go up to the amount of sentinels you have. Once verified, you will see that your sentinels will no longer turn off after four minutes.

  6. You may need to repeat the steps of clicking the buttons on your sentinels twice, opening the app, and then clicking into the little sentinel verification screen by touching the bar on the bottom of the app. Continue to do this until you get all your sentinels verified. If you have a sentinel that still turns off, but the number shows that you have all of your sentinels verified, don’t worry. Just take that sentinel giving you a hard time and repeat the process until it gets verified. You may see the verification number go one or two numbers higher then the number of sentinels you actually have, that’s OK also, as long as your sentinel stops turning off.

  7. At this point your sentinels should stop turning off and you should be able to use their full functionality in regards to the COIN app and gaining XYO. I hope this helped and please feel free to write back if you have any issues with the process. I know it seems like a lot, but I was very thorough in my methods and tried to simplify these instructions so that anyone regardless of their technical expertise could make it work. Thanks and good luck, go get that XYO!


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Thanks. Will definitely try that and let you know out come.
Could never see the point in putting them on dogs/cats collars when they turn thremselves off.
Unless you’ve trained your clever pet to turn it on every 5 minutes


****Thank you it stopped the one ticking like a bomb & the other from constantly beeping .


No problem, I truly enjoy this stuff, thank you for letting me know it solved some of your issues. The verification seems to be the key. Breaking down the Sentinel first ensured that I was giving the Sentinel a true hard restart and to test the battery.

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What are the various beeps for? Can someone give a list please?

Maybe @JohnnyKolasinski



Thanks very much, CatLord.

After several attempts at this I now have 5 sentinels staying on and recognised by the XYO app and the COIN app.

3 sentinels continue to shut down after 5 minutes.

A big move forwards! :slight_smile:

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Nice ReconCatLord,

Out of my 8 sentinels, after a couple weeks of all working fine, one decided to start doing the shutdown after 5 mins thing. I have no idea why, It has 4.0.53 firmware and never had a firmware update. I put a new battery in but that did not help. Your fix seems to have worked.
I am really curios how the interaction from the COIN app verifying the sentinel is able to change the sentinels behavior.

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Fabulous demonstration!!

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@Billy_Idle Hey there, OK so lets figure out these last three. I want you to try this solution and let me know if it gives you any success with these remaining sentinels. I had one hold out that didn’t fall in line with the rest of my sentinels, and I then I got it working by trying this:

Ensure you update your COIN App to the latest version, Visit your Google Play or iOS App Store and check for updates, there was an update that went out today that improved Bluetooth Scanning

Please read through this guide first before attempting the fix, it will be easier when you apply it

  1. Collect up all your Sentinels again(if possible, not sure if you have distributed them around), and place them around your device with the COIN app on it. Make sure that your COIN app is closed and off, this may require you restarting your device. If you are knowledgeable about Androids you can go to your Apps manager, select your COIN app, and Force Stop it from running. If you don’t know what I am talking about, then just close your COIN app, swipe close it like any other app, then restart your phone. If you are using an iPhone, go through the process of swipe closing all your apps including the COIN app, then restart your phone.

  2. When your phone restarts give it ample time to load all its start up apps and DO NOT open up the COIN app yet. Some devices need a minute to turn on their Bluetooth and get it scanning, starting this process before it loads may hinder it. Take each of your Sentinels, both the working ones and the non-working ones and click the external button twice on them, leaving about one or two solid seconds between each click. On the working Sentinels you should hear a short tone each time you click the button. On the non-working ones, you should hear a longer “power-up” tone one the first click; and then on the second click you should hear that short tone played, the same one that came out of your working Sentinels. Get Ready to make the magic happen now!

  3. Now open your COIN app and click down on that bottom bar, the one that shows how many Sentinels it is seeing. This will open your pop-up screen for Sentinel verification. You will notice that it starts back from zero verified. Now don’t worry, your working Sentinels are not affected by this, However I do believe that they play some part in recording which Sentinels are attached to the COIN app. Allow the COIN app pop-up screen at least 2 to 3 minutes to run through the verification process. Hopefully it will pick up your Sentinels that aren’t working correctly.

  4. You may notice your verification number go over the number of Sentinels you own, that’s OK, it happened to me with my one problem child Sentinel but I got it to work and had no further issues. This process had to be repeated two times for me to get that last one working, so don’t give up on the first try!

  5. It’s important to have all your Sentinels present for this fix, not just the non-working ones.

I hope this works for you, please let me know what the outcome is, your feedback enables me to shorten up my fixes, and get more knowledge to how this system actually works. Thanks for responding back and I’m glad to help, Got Get That XYO!



@Yompster Glad the fix worked for you, I just added another small fix to this thread if you ever have one or two Sentinels that start doing the auto-shutoff thing again.

I think the verification process basically makes a handshake with the Sentinel and ties it to that device either thru device MAC address or BT address. I have it feeling it records or logs which Sentinels are attached to it and at the same time the Sentinel is having a certain line of code/information filled by the device’s BT address. Once the Sentinel gets that info, or that line of info filled in its memory, it goes into a always on mode. Something we may have thought was an error or glitch in the Sentinels firmware was probably a purposeful way they were set up to save battery life until attached to the COIN app or similar functioning app. It would make sense, and would also save a lot of money in batteries if there was any issues or delays in the release of the COIN app. I think we are starting to see the bigger picture of a very complex and intricate road map of functionality and forward thinking of the XYO system. I feel guilty for assuming it was an error in coding or a ignored issue. Let me know how your Mining is going and let me know if you have any issues. Thanks and don’t forget to Like posts that help you out, it allows others a bigger chance to get visibility of the post and help them out.

-ReconCatLord :telescope::cat2::crown:


Thanks very much, ReconCatLord!


Yesterday, before your latest post, I had another try with the previous fix (removing the batteries) on my 3 misbehaving sentinels. It fixed one of them.

Then today I tried the new fix, (switching off the app as in the post above) on the remaining 2 sentinels. It fixed one of them.

Then I tried the old fix again on the last sentinel, and it worked!

So a combination of both fixes with some perseverance and they are all working now.

Thanks again for all your help! :slight_smile:


@Billy_Idle That’s awesome to hear! So glad I could help, thank you for giving me constant feedback and letting me know if it helped you. Especially telling me how you fixed your Sentinels, I know that I made a very long fix for that first time, but it was to ensure batteries were checked, if the inside contents looked good, and to get others feeling comfortable with their equipment. Soooo…my next little project that I just completed for the Android version app, is going beyond normal full screen for the COIN App going into what is called Granular Immersive Mode. It takes a little playing with, but it allows Android devices to have an actual full screen without having a navigation bar or status bar whatsoever showing. If you have a newer Samsung or LG Device, you will know what I am talking about. You should see a white Navigation bar on the bottom, if so, I will I am going to post a Thread tomorrow explaining how to get these to go away for the App. Its not a big deal, but it does give you more map on your screen and a nicer view. Thanks again and let me know how your mining is going. I been slacking the last two days, mainly due to work and …well being on here making posts lol; that being said I am about 10 minutes away from breaking the 10K tokens mark on the App, which I think is decent for four days worth of mining. If I could hit 10K a week…woooo that would be awesome. To the Moon!

-ReconCatLord :telescope::cat2::crown:



I am using iOS on my iPhone X. When I click the detected sentinels it does not show the section for “Verified Sentinels” I am not actually having issues with sentinels powering down anymore but just wanted to post this to help out my fellow iPhoners. (seriously want to switch back to android asap though… just sayin.)


Why do you need to open up the sentinel to press the little black button? It appears the button on the outside top of the case at 4 O’Clock is just the same as it does nothing except press down on the internal black button

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I wanted users to open the case so that the battery could be taken out, causing a true hard reset of the Sentinel. Pressing the button while the case is open, was just an easy way to get everyone to hold there battery in place so people could tell if they had good connectivity from the CR3032 to the Negative contact on the top of the microboard, and the side spring positive terminal that only touches if the battery is pushed down. That way people can tell if they had a dead battery or if they had a contact issue problem, or if it was a speaker connection problem to the BT TX/RX. It helped narrow down why people were having Sentinel issues whatever they may be and helping me get feedback on current issues. Nothing magical about it, just way easier to tell if you have a dead battery if you don’t have a voltometer, so you can see you didn’t have a lose contact etc.

-ReconCatLord :telescope::cat2::crown:


I still have one sentinel that is ticking like bomb. I took the battery out for 24 hours just to get some puece and quiet. Put the battery back in and ticking resumes. I have tried several times to no avail. It will tck for about 3 minuts. play its little song and stay quiet for about 4 or 5 minutes. Then for no reason start ticking again yo repeat the cycle. I will not shut up. The app is recognizing it tho.

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@Tawny This sounds like either two things:

  1. Battery is Low which Apparently makes Sentinels act a little crazy. Needs to be replaced with a CR3032 or CR3032H

  2. A loose connection between the Bluetooth Main Microboard and the Speaker on the Bottom, which one of mine has. Try giving the bottom of your Sentinel a good push in. You don’t need to crush it, but apply some firm pressure on center bottom while holding in it steady and try to give the button a couple presses while doing this. Let me know what happens when you try this.

-ReconCatLord :telescope::cat2::crown:


I think you are right about the battery. It seems to have died and will not do anything now. I will try to get some new batteriea tomorrow.
On another note, I checked on updating the app but didnt need to. So i also looked at updaring the firmware on the sentinels. several of them updated but now they are turning off. I have not tried taking the batteries out yet. We will see.

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Thanks. I see now understand

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