Steps for installing archivist software

I’ve got a small mining computer that is running ubuntu. i would like to install the archivist software and test it out before getting a bigger mining rig. Can anyone give me some step by step instructions on getting the software running. I’ve already downloaded it from github and extracted it but now im not sure how to proceed.

You need to invest in 8tb of hard drives to get in on the test net pizza mind on telegram is very accessible and informative. Look at a+b engineering website


Mining incentives and github repos are still being worked on I think.

thanks blockchain, will do…

Subscribing to this to find out how and when I can start participating.

do you have a kit?

Sadly I dont, I am interested in getting a kit though.


Do buy one!!! We need to help by supporting the company…

To set up an archivist, should my OS be: Ubuntu Desktop, Ubuntu Server, Ubuntu Cloud, Ubuntu flavors, or Ubuntu for IOT? And is it the same for a Diviner? Thanks!

Have you checked out the XYO developers website?