[Status: Accepted] XIP-2: Benchmarking/Stress Test Tool for XYO Mining



xip: 2
title: Benchmarking/Stress Test Tool for XYO Mining
author: PizzaMind https://geohackers.xyo.network/u/pizzamind
status: Draft
category: Tool
created: 2018-12-08


A web-based platform agnostic tool that helps Geominers analyze their current hardware setup’s performance and compares it to other nodes on the network.


The interest in becoming a Geominer is very high. The most common question I get daily is “is there a projected ROI for what your XYO miners can do?” At this point, there is little data, and no way to collect data even if there was a staging environment I could test things in. By having some kind of understanding of how your “XYO Ecosystem” is performing, one can make improvements if desired to increase their potential earnings.


This tool should interact with all devices in the XYO Geomining ecosystem. It should perform the following functions:

  • Import all devices linked to an XYO Dashboard account or Ethereum Wallet Address, and then analyze how they are working together and performing in relation to others.

  • Analyze origin chains on sentinels, ranking them on a curved scale from very active to very sedentary.

  • Show projected mining rewards based on a 30-day average of all network devices.

  • Test bandwidth, line jitter, and report uptime for Bridges, Archivists, and Diviners.

  • Storage score for Archivists, based on how much data is being stored on that unit.

  • Processing score for Diviners, based on how quickly they can analyze and reply with the correct data from a staged environment.

  • Combine scores and data results into a “Tier Score” to suggest the likely rewards tier this hardware ecosystem is earning currently.

  • Show Tier Scores for the average Geomining ecosystem as well as the Top 10, with other leaderboard stats, such as “Most Data Stored”, “Most Queries Answered Per Minute”, “Longest Origin Chain”, “Most Connected Sentinels (24hr)”, Most Connected Sentinels (All-Time).

  • Unlocks a forum badge award for sharing their benchmarking test in a pre-set thread in the Geomining forum.


When deciding whether or not to become a Geominer, or how much to invest in it, it is important to be able calculate some type of ROI and set realistic expectations, based on real averages and numbers, not speculation. Currently there is just hope and trust that this system will work (and it will). However, once numbers and repeatable tests are brought into the equation, it will give a lot more incentive for people to participate, especially if they see what can be accomplished using their current hardware, not costing them any more money at all.

On the other hand, competition breeds innovation. Being able to see stats on traditional mining pools typically leaves a miner with a feeling of consistently wanting a little more, a little bigger slice of the rewards pie. That leads to innovations like BIOS modding, improved cooling techniques, and ultimately ASICs (which XYO will never need to worry about because of how it is configured).


Visit speedtest.net and see how that tool analyzes your bandwidth. I envision an interface and experience similar to that.

Please comment on what additional metrics you would like to see included in this tool.


Compatible with all hardware devices running current XYO software.

Next Steps

  1. Analyze feedback and create a finalized feature list.
  2. Assign project to a developer.
  3. Project timeline for completion.
  4. Announce project for others to follow its progress with great anticipation.
  5. Internal testing.
  6. Public release.

Awesome @pizzamind love this idea; this would be a perfect fit into the XYO Network Viewer UI.

Yeah, we definitely need some sort of calculation widget; there are some new exciting things that will be introduced soon in the world of Geomining (refresh rate and a dynamic system for rewarding XYO based on different geo areas that is dynamic for edge nodes).

I updated the Subject of the thread and also assigned it an XIP Number: #2

Congrats on being the very first community member to create an XIP!:confetti_ball:


How about a tool to input hardware specifications to see projected results, so that you could decide what hardware to purchase, so that you can decide what hardware would work best for you before spending $$$$ on equipment before build ,and not waste $$$ upgrading after. I think for some of us that do not have $15,000 to spend on top of the line equipment would benifit from having more info on that kind of stuff.


Having something like whattomine.com is so much more difficult to accomplish for XYO because the hardware combinations are nearly infinite, always changing, and results would have to be tested first hand to get those predictions.

Since it’s not possible to build 100,000 configurations a year of XYO ecosystems, what if there was an option instead to share your own score and configuration publicly, so others can get an idea of that specific ROI? I would definitely do that with all my machines.

Would that suffice as an acceptable solution?


Yes, you are right about the hardware combinations and configurations. I think it is a great idea to have an option for shareable score and config.

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Great idea @pizzamind. More encouraged participation is key to data collection.

Once there’s a certain amount of data it would be nice to offer a 1-sheet to prospective Miners showing 3 winning GeoMining setups - at 3 price points.

or maybe a bot that offers FAQ and other direction to prospects. @scott