Stationary XYO COIN mining, Is it worth it?


Is it worth it to just leave a stationary phone on auto mining ? Lets find out!



I agree to a point, I don’t think its worth it, if you are using your main everyday device to do this. Too much risk for Burn-In on the screen, and you WILL shorten the life of the device by letting it run constantly. However, that being said, If you have an extra device and really want to max your coins, I guess you could run it on a secondary device. BUT…Make sure you are playing by the rules! Do not try to mine on the same account with both devices. Do the right thing and have someone else open their account with it. Its the best way to spread XYO and blockchain tech news to family and friends. If the other person wants to give you those coins by depositing in your designated wallet, then that is OK. But you will get banned and lose your coins if you try to cheat with one account on two devices. Also remember that burn-in, overheating, wear and tear are common risks for a device that is on constantly. Plus it makes a great target for hacking, something that doesn’t move, is always online, and doesn’t have the protection that say a desktop would have with the proper software/hardware setup. Great vids @Miscjames.


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@ReconCatLord I agree. It going to toast the device. I had to run the experiment as it interested me. I think most people will see this video and go nope not worth it. And yes anyone trying this, use a separate account.

Thank you for the comments.

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It is absolutely not worth it. The coins mined are very minimal at best. The coins mined while moving are bad enough now already. The rewarded coins now are like .45 (that is LESS THAN ONE), where I used to get a whole 5 or 4.95. YOU DO THE MATH. Coins have been reduced to 10% of what it used to be.


Ya my phone can’t handle that!!


@mcgyver35 meh… it’s absolutely worth it if you have an old device or two gathering dust. I have an old phone and old tablet grinding away on wifi… one at home and one at work. I’ve earned 30,000 tokens in the last month (seems to be averaging about 3 weeks to get the 10k needed to withdraw). For a few pennies of electricity, I earn a few pennies of XYO. If XYO increases in the future, totally worth it. If it goes bust, no great loss. I wouldn’t buy a device or another cell plan to stationary collect, but since I already have a couple, it was an easy decision to try while XYO works on getting the network up.

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If you had three devices, three separate accounts, can all three need to see just one sentinel?


@MileHighGeoMining yes, i believe so but haven’t really tested it. Perhaps that will change at some point but it seems multiple devices see the same sentinel at the same time today.

You supposedly share rewards when another COIN user is withing a mile or so of your location, so stacking a bunch of devices next to each other won’t really do much for you. I have my home device in my garage with a couple sentinels and a couple sentinels at work with that device. My daily phone travels around with a couple sentinels, but is often at the work location or home location obviously, so I’m probably sharing with myself most hours of the day. I work close to home so my travel is minimal, but I seem to average 5000 XYO a week on my daily phone, and 3500 a week on my stationary ones.


That means if a group of people minning…on a bus…only need one sentinel.